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Edofolks International: Articles on American Politics, Global Affairs, & Ancient Africa

This page discusses issue from a Nigerian perspective.  It talks about the latest international issue in the news and gives it a spin and perspective from an Edo, Nigerian, and  African perspective. 
We discusses slavery, President Obama, Middle East conflict, and Dr. Gates.  Enjoy our international perspective.

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Africa's contribution to Rome
The Largest African Slave Rebellion
African Presence In Fiji
Afro-Cuban Voices
Humanity Traced To Africa
Brazil's lost Naua tribe
The First Chinese Were Black
Black Athena
The Origin Of Alphabet
The Black Greeks (6/03)
Myths About Slave Trade (7/04)

Egypt's Role in European History (7/04)
Jews Against Zionism (7/04)
Black Americans and Black Africans (3/05)
Props to the Black President (3/05)
Was Albert Einstein a Socialist? (3/05)
Blacks need to get even (5/05)
Black Leaders: Barack Obama (2006)
Policing the Police (2006)
Is Prison a Form of Oppression? (2006)
Hezbollah & the US Military (2006)
Actual Letter to Bush & Annan (2006)
Solution to the Middle East Conflict (2006)
Sex & Employment (2006)
America's Coverage of Sports (2006)
Bill O'Reilly & Sean Hannity (5/07)
Disgrace of an American City (8/07)
Illegal Immigrants & American Rights (9/07)
CNN & the Noose (11/07)
True Owners of Nigeria and Black People (11/07)
Safeguarding Black Men's career (12/07)
James Watson and Black DNA (12/07)
African Soccer: ESPN and Fox Soccer Channel (12/07)
Great Black Men: Pele & Muhammad Ali (12/07)
Is Travis Smiley a Traitor? (2/08)
Castro: A Mad man or a Servant? (2/08)
Blacks and Genealogy Test (2/08)
Is Obama the American Messiah? (2/08)
Is Tiger Woods a Coward? (1/08)
Obama & Wright: Relevance of Truth (3/08)
Obama: Foreign Policy and Race Reconciliation (3/08)
Why We Must Elect Obama (4/08)
Is the United States a True Friend to Israel? (5/08)
O'Reilly & Hannity: The Cancer of America (5/08)
Can Obama Improve Parenting in America? (6/08)
Michelle Obama May Sink Barack (6/08)
Jesse Jackson and the Hindrance of Blacks (07/08)
CNN & Blacks in America (07/08)
The Purpose of Obama to America and World (07/08)
Why Senate Apologized for Slavery (08/08)
What Black Parents Should Teach their Children (09/08)

Black Agenda 2010 (09/08)
The Relationship Between God, Blacks & Obama (01/09)
Racism & Poverty: What Obama Must Accomplish (01/09)
Blacks in America 2: MJ and Obama (06/09)
Bill O'Reilly on Michael Jackson (07/09)
Relationship between Blacks and Jews (07/09)
Fox News and the Value of Black Americans (07/09)
Harvard's Henry Gates and Racism (07/09)
CNN's Black in America 2 (07/09)
Cambridge Police and Obama (07/09)
Obama, MJ, Gates, & Crowley (07/09)
Obama in Slave Castles (07/09)
Lucia Whalen: An American Hero (08/09)
The Problem with Obama Health Care Plan (08/09)
Why American Must Intervene in the Niger-Delta (08/09)
What Can Children Learn from VP Cheney? (08/09)
Veterans for McCain: Bondage of America (09/09)
The Problem with Obama's Speech to Schools (09/09)
Obama's Health Care as Human Rights (09/09)
Tiger Woods & Jesper Parnevik (12/09)
How Obama Can Stop Unemployment (12/09)
ABBA: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (3/10)
Todd Bridges: Killing Willis (3/10)
How to Prevent Obama's Assassination? (3/10)
Why Blacks are highly unemployed in America (7/10)
Huck Finn Censored: Obama and Holder (1/11)
A Purpose for Martin Luther King Day (1/11)
Egypt: Example of Moral Freedom (2/11)
Trayvon Martin & Joe Oliver (3/12)
Why Christians should elect Obama (9/12)
Joe Biden & Kamala Harris (8/20)
Vote for Joe Biden or President Donald Trump (8/20)
Cracking & Hacking: Passwords for Email (8/20)
Coming 2 America Movie: Analysis (3/21)
Morocco, Africa, & FIFA World Cup (12/22)



The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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