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Edofolks on Empowerment: Articles on African Freedom, Health, & Progress

This page discusses African view of Black-American history and African-American heritage.  It talks about the latest issue in the news and gives it a spin and perspective from an Edo, Nigeria, and African perspective. 
We touch on issues that concerned Lumumba, Tavis Smiley, Joe Dumars, Michael Jackson, and Black Republicans. 

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Afrocentric versus Eurocentric
How many white men do you know?
Edo Books
Benin-City: City of Peace
A Millenial Indaba?
Hidden Edo Treasures
Eulogizing the living
The five laws of gold

Sources of Proverbs
Losing Alone or Winning Together
History is a Weapon

We must go back to our cultural basics
Dr. Bapna fails Black Students
Eisenhower Ordered the Murder of Lumumba
Edo Girls and Foreign Prostitution
Genetics and Racism (6/03)
Blacks do not read (7/04)

Who are Creation's Scientists? (1/05)
A Word from Tavis Smiley (11/06)
Google, Yahoo, World Factbook, & Wikipedia (2006)
Money: Difference Between Wealth & Riches (2006)
Painful Reward of Peace & Conformity (2006)
Piston's Joe Dumars: It Pays to be a Gentleman (2006)
Knowledge: The Greatest Form of Wealth (2006)
Is Racism still Part of Southern Pride? (2006)
Are National Leaders Born or Made? (2006)
The Red Cross & Segregation (2006)
Why Blacks Vote Democrat (5/07)
Failure of the Civil Rights (9/07)
Profits of Racism for Whites (9/07)
Why Some Whites Hate Blacks (10/07)
American Parents & School Systems (12/07)
Dog the Bounty Hunter (1207)
Unfair Incomes: Whites and Blacks (12/07)
BET and Radio One (12/07)
Michael Vicks: Dogs and Blacks (12/07)
Boycott the NFL (12/07)Jim Brown & OG Snacks (12/07)
20 Requirements for the American President (12/07)
The Problem with Black Republicans (3/08)
Walter Zanger & History International Channel (6/08)
The Value of a Black Republican (9/08)
Republican White Supremacy and Illiteracy (9/08)
Spiritual Cleansing of the Capitol Ground (11/08)
Asexuality & Demisexual: American Politics (7/09)
Facebook and Jobseekers (7/09)
Healing America From Within (08/09)
Why Black Male Teachers Are Scarce (08/09)
Are Blacks More Prejudice Than Other Races? (08/09)
Why Female Teachers have Sex with Students (09/09)
MJ's Funeral: A Celebration of Fatherhood (09/09)
The Necessity of Haiti to American Principles (2/10)
White Heroes of Black History Month (2/10)
Why Blacks do not see the big picture (3/10)
How Blacks Can Build Wealth (3/10)
Is Marriage Ordained by God? (4/10)
Losing the Freedom to Fail (12/10)
Auction of Benin Art and the English (12/10)
Golden Voice Ted Williams & Unemployment (1/11)
Domains Yahoo (10/11)

Domain Name Yahoo (10/11)
Chewing Stick: Dentist near me & Dental  (8/13)
5 Things to learn from Manchester United (12/13)
Spiritual Secret of Mandela's Success (12/13)
Reasons Why Sisters Disrespect Brothers (12/13)
Sexual Performance of African Men (12/13)
How Black Women Can Defeat Poverty (12/13)
Calories burned from walking & running
Connecting lost fathers to children (7/17)
George Floyd & Police Brutality (5/20)
Racial Reconciliation & Police Calls (6/20)
14 Strategies against Racism (6/20)

Voters Suppression for Racism (6/20)
Artificial Intelligence for Justice (6/20)
GA Voter Suppression: Is Coca-Cola, Home Depot, & Delta in Support? (3/21)
African Snacks for African Wisdom (5/22)
How to Begin an Acting Career (
How Blacks Should Approach Police (
How to Invest in Mutual Funds (
The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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