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Edofolks on Black Women: Articles on Madam C. J. Walker, Marriage, & Feminism ....

This page discusses Black and African women.  It shows the contribution of Black and African women to Africa and the world.  It addresses women as powerful Queens, head of households, and feminists. 
It also shows women as great contributors to global music, literature, and culture.  Black and African women are also discussed in relation to their masculine counterparts. 

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Two Female rulers of Benin
Interview with the Edo Philosopher
Some Great Queens of Africa
A Leader on the Rise (1/05)
Queen Nzinga (3/05)

Power of Marriage (2006)
Black Single Mothers (2006)
Fatherhood: A Foundation for Societal Stability (2006)
Black Marriage and Progress (5/07)
Should Single Mothers Get Benefits? (5/07)
Should Women Have the Right to Abort? (5/07)
Foundation of the Down Low Brother (5/07)
Women Empowerment & Societal Progress (10/07)
Feminism & Black Family (12/07)
Ike and Tina Turner (12/07)
Their Eyes Were Watching God (2/10)
Precious: Cultural Analysis of the Movie (3/10)
Why Black Women are Single in America (7/10)
Value of African Kola nut to Black Women (12/10)
Netflix - The Clark Sisters Movie: Culture of portraying Black fathers poorly (7/20)
Netflix - Rachel Dolezal: Blacks excluding others in their struggles for equality (7/20)
Netflix - Madam C.J. Walker: Success of Feminism & Destruction of Black Males (8/20)
The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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