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Edofolks on Nigeria: Articles on Nigerian Thought, Politics, & Influence ...


This page discusses Edo, Nigeria, and African perspective.  It address Africa and Nigeria issues from an African perspective.  The views include sports, education, economics, politics, culture, religion, World Cup, Wole Soyinka, world Black affairs, and terrorism.

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Gideon Orkar's Speech
Lt. Col. Mike Iyorshe
A letter to Mrs. Abacha
Asaba Was the First Capital
Interview with Victor Uwaifo
First Nigerian to coach a European team
Osasuyi Uwensuyi Edosomwan

Discovery of Benin 2/03
Palace and Igbinedion 2/03
Our Hausa/Fulani Leaders (7/04)
Nigerian Inventor (7/04)
Sir Ahmadu Bello (1/05)
Disgraceful 419 letter by Nigerians (3/05)
Nigeria: Leader of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (3/05)
419 letter of Complaint (3/05)
The Voice of Change (9/06)
Niger Delta & WAZOBIA (2007)
Are Nigerians Worshippers of the Devil? (8/07)
Nigeria and Snow White (2/08)
NFA and Nigerians Cripple Eagles (2/08)

Nigerians and the Culture of Success (2/08)
Nigeria & its Kindergarten Education (2/08)
Nigeria & the New World Order (3/08)
The Effect of Manufacturing on Nigerian Character (4/08)
Born to Rule (5/08)
Nigeria, Olajuwon, Jordan, and Okocha (6/08)
Mojisola Kuye: The Neglect of Nigerian Athletes (6/08)
Nigeria, Kanu, and Gambari (07/08)
Are Northern Nigerians Criminals by Blood? (07/08)
WAZOBIA: The Economic Value of Truth (08/08)
Is Seeking Nigerian Expatriates Beneficial? (08/08)
Nigeria, Biafra, and Niger-Delta War (08/08)
Nigeria: A first World Nation in a Year? (09/08)
Nigeria & the Expense of Respect (12/08)
How to Bring the Best Out of Our Leaders (1/09)
How to spread Islam around Nigeria (2/09)
How to establish efficient & effective leadership (2/09)
Nigerian Dilemmas: Credit, Literacy, & Wife (3/09)
The Truth from a Nigerian Woman (3/09)
The Secret Between Nigeria and Gadhafi (3/09)
A Pan-African Conversation Between Religions (3/09)
Binis and UNIBEN's Topmost Chair (6/09)
Benin International Chamber of Commerce (6/09)
Nigeria and the power of Documentation (06/09)
Nigerian Oil and the Army of the Lord (06/09)
Nigeria and the Value of Blackness (07/09)
Nigeria and the Spiritual Fear of Prosperity (07/09)
The Usefulness of Islam in Nigeria (08/09)
Boko Haram: A Nigerian Blessing in Disguise (08/09)
A Nigerian Folktale: End of times (08/09)
Super Eagles: A Symbolic Reality of Nigeria (09/09)
Who Should lead Nigeria to the World Cup? (12/09)
Economic Value of Shaibu Amodu (12/09)
Nigerian Industrialization: Academic Strategy (12/09)

Mutallab: A Curse of Two Evils (1/10)
Mutallab: Nigerian Christmas Gift in Disguise (1/10)
ACN: A Conscious Need to Redefine Nigeria (2/10)
Who Should Own the Super Eagles? (2/10)
Is A Living Dog Greater Than A Dead Lion? (2/10)
Nigeria Must Install Jonathan As President (2/10)
How Soyinka, Rabadu, Iyahen Can Save Nigeria (3/10)
Nigeria and the Mafia (4/10)
The Value of IBB to the West (4/10)
The Relationship between YarAdua and Kanu (6/10)
Coach Amodu was right that Nigeria is wrong (6/10)
The Purpose of Lagerback to Nigeria (6/10)
Nigerian Deviation: Onigbinde & Shonekan (1/11)
Their Jerusalem; My Benin-City (3/11)
Germany returns Benin artifacts to Nigeria: To democracy or monarchy - 7/21
  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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