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Daily Bible Chapters | April 3 | 2 Chronicles 10 | 2 Chronicles 11 | 2 Chronicles 12 | 2 Chronicles 13
What Does the Bible say about God being Needed Most When Successful?
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2 Chronicles 10:

Rehoboam, son of Solomon, became king of Israel.  Jeroboam and the people came to him to request that he deals lightly with them compared to his father, Solomon.  King Solomon may have been rich and wise, but this shows that he may have burdened the people in the process with too much work and productivity.  The older men who ruled with Solomon advised him to listen to the people, but the men of his age told him to inform the people that he was tougher than Solomon.  He did the later and the people rebelled against him as well as the house of David, his grandfather.  God allowed this to happened because he wanted Israel to split in two and give Judah to the descendants of David (two tribes out of 12)Your friends and colleagues only know as much as you doFollow those with experience, who want nothing but your respect and your success.  Follow successful elders, proverbs, adages, parables, and folktales that make sense about life (the Bible or culture).

2 Chronicles 11:

Rehoboam escaped to Jerusalem with the tribes of Judah and Benjamin (Judah had two tribes and Israel had 10).  He wanted to organize them to go fight Israel, but God told them to stay home because it was God's plan.  It is not every sad situation or an unsuccessful bid you cry about, sometimes it is just the way God wants it to be.  In birth or in death, just give God thanks.  So the people did not go, but Rehoboam fortified Judah with men, shields, and spears.  Jeroboam chased away the priest and the people who wanted to serve God from Israel and appointed his own priests to serve his goat and calves idols.  So all the rejected in Israel came to Jerusalem in Judah to serve God.  Rehoboam was actually following God, but was reduced because of Solomon's disobedience in his older days.  Do not let your children suffer after your death or in your absence because of your freedom and power to act stupidly against God.

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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2 Chronicles 12:

Shishak, king of Egypt, came with his army along with Libyans and Ethiopians to invade Judah because Rehoboam got comfortable in his success and forsook God. Judah lost many cities and where about to lose Jerusalem when the word of God came through Prophet Shemaiah.  Rehoboam and Judah quickly humbled themselves before God and God pardoned them.  God did not destroy Jerusalem, but made them serve the Egyptian king.  King Shishak took all the treasures and valuables from God's temple and the palace.  So God restored order in Judah later, Rehoboam dies, and his son, Abijah, took his place.  It is when you become more successful that you need God the most and not when you are in need.   If you do not honor God with your success, it will be given to another in front of your very own eyes

2 Chronicles 13:

Abijah, king of Judah, went to war against Jeroboam, king of Israel and tried to convince Israel to surrender because God was on Judah's side.  He reasoned aloud that Judah had God, the priests who burn offerings to God, the covenant God made to David to be king forever, he was a descendant of David, that Israel now worship Jeroboam's idols, and Jeroboam chased all the priest and worshippers of God out of Israel.  Judah defeated Israel and took many Israeli cities.  Jeroboam never recovered in strength until the day God struck him down.  God tore 10 tribes of Israel away from Solomon's son and gave it to Jeroboam as king, and still he went to make his own idols to worship.  There is nothing as terrible as the spirit of ingratitudeIf you do not want to follow God, then do not take his kingship.

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