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Daily Bible Verses | June 1 | Psalms 78 | Psalms 79 | Psalms 80
Psalms Teaches God Favors the Godless to Restore the Godly
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Psalms 78:

We must pass knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the nextIf we do not, then the children will be worse than their parentsGod will reject those that reject his ways and teachings.  No amount of money, profits, unjust laws, and unholy alliance can hinder the word of the living God.  Follow it or suffer the consequences.  Even the atheist is a product of God.

Psalms 79:

God, the nations have conquered us and given our bodies to the birds for food. God's temple has been defiled and Jerusalem laid to waste.  For how long will God be angry at us and not curse the godless nationsGod, please do not let us be a joke among the nations and let them ask where our God isPlease forget our former iniquities and avenge our godless neighbors.  We will give you praise for all generations. Sometimes, God can work for the godless against the godly when he sees the godly acting as if he was godlessThe godless may be perishing in silence, but sometimes, God uses setbacks to bring his worshippers back to order

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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Psalms 80:

God, deliver and restore your people.  You have given us tears for bread and allowed our neighbors to ridicule us.  Forgive our sins and transgressions, and restore us todayThere is always room for repentance and turning a new leaf with God

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