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Daily Bible Verses | June 10 | Psalms 105 | Psalms 106 | Psalms 107
Psalms Wonders Who the European Jews Are
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Psalms 105:

Give God thanks and let all those who seek God rejoice.  God is a God that fulfils promises in favor of the godly and he never forgets.  The godly is to trust in God, walk in his ways, and know that God will always come true.  Never give up on God and morality because of the pursuit of money.

Psalms 106:

Give thanks to God and blessed are those who maintain justice.  When the godly sins and repents, God remembers his covenant and forgives.  God causes their oppressors to have pity on them.  God, please gather us from the nations that we may come together and give glory to your nameAfricans and Blacks are the only ones today scattered among the nations through the slave trade, not European Jews who have no link with AbrahamAbraham, Isaac, and Israel (Jacob) were fully Arabs, 5 out of the 12 sons of Israel were from African women, Joseph and Judah, who were also fully Arabs, married Egyptian and Canaanite women (Africans) respectively.  Israel and his African grandchildren never went back to Arabia, but stayed in Africa and multiplied with Africans to this day.  There is nothing European about the Biblical Jews or Israel.

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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Psalms 107:

Give God thanks for his love endures forever.  God humbles his people with oppression, calamity, and sorrow, but with repentance and acknowledgement of God, God uplifts them from their afflictions and increase their families exceedingly.  The wise and the just sees and rejoices while the wicked and powerful are put to shame.  Blacks need to go back to God properly, rather than through man and the pursuit of wealth, for God to turn around their afflictions. 

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