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Daily Bible Verses | June 12 | Psalms 111 | Psalms 112 | Psalms 113
Psalms Teaches Wisdom is Faith to Rise Above Worldly Pressures
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Psalms 111:

I will always praise God in the council of the just and upright. The godly ponders at God's majestic and glorious deeds, as well as the works of God's hands are faithful and just. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdomIt leads to good understanding and redemption from GodGet God's wisdom and rise above the power, wealth, and influence of the perishing and the wicked. It is God's wisdom that gives the faith to rise above lack and perceive the nothingness in the wealth of the wicked.

Psalms 112:

Blessed is the man that fears (respects) God and find joy in Godís ways. The person's children shall be mighty, upright, blessed, and lack nothing. God will even come to the generous and just because he fears no bad news and his heart is secure from fear. He will give exceedingly to the poor and his righteousness will endure forever. The wicked and powerful will waste away and amount to nothing. Fear God and enjoy his way in order to prosper without regret. Never make decisions with the hope of benefiting from the deceitful wealth of the wicked and oppressors because you will become corrupted and perish with them.

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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Psalms 113:

Praise Godís name now and forever. All of heaven and earth exalt God.  God takes the needy and poor, then places them with princesGod takes the barren woman to become the happy mother of children in her home. Blacks and the godly shall possess their inheritance. We must go back to God and delight in his ways rather than the ways that pursues the wealth of the wicked.  God will take the slaves, the colonized, and the oppressed to sit on thrones and judge the nations.

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