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Daily Bible Verses | June 16 | Psalms 123 | Psalms 124 | Psalms 125
Psalms Teaches Godly is Socialist and Godless is Capitalist
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Psalms 123:

I lift up my eyes to God, whose throne is in heaven, till he shows us his mercy.  Have mercy on us God for we have suffered much from the proud and arrogant.  The wicked and oppressors succeed not because they are great or God is with them, but rather, because God uses them to encourage the godly to worship, praise, and acknowledge himThose who follow the oppressors and colonizers because they believe they are right are enticed away from God to be destroyed with the wicked.

Psalms 124:

If God was not on our side, the wicked would have swallowed us.  Praise God that we were not torn by their teeth.  On earth, the wicked, wealthy, powerful, and colonizers appear to be stronger than the godly because the have physical dominance due to the vast number of resources they control through conquest and unjust lawsThe godly has little or no resource and their job is to focus on God and praise himThe world's resources are meant for everyone to share equally, but the wicked and those that are perishing want to control and use it to win souls for Satan.  Creation of hunger and poverty by the greedy are their best recruitment tools for Satan.

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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Psalms 125:

Those who genuinely trust in God can never be shaken.  The wicked will not rule the land of the righteous because they will make the righteous hands to do evil.  God, do good to the good and banish the evildoers.  This means that you only go as far as your leader.  If Satan and the wealthy rule the world and you allow them to influence your life because you focus on them, then you become like them to surviveIf you focus on God, Satan may not elevate you on earth, but you will have freedom to worship God and yet not lack a single thing.  Better is a mud house by the river on solid ground than a skyscraper on quicksand.

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