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Daily Bible Verses | June 18 | Psalms 129 | Psalms 130 | Psalms 131
Psalms Teaches Godless Want Money & Control Because They Lack Happiness
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Psalms 129:

The wicked oppressors have oppressed me from my youth, but have no victory over me.  Taskmasters have plowed my back while making long furrows, but the righteous God has set me free from the hold of the wicked.  May the life of the wicked and godless be like grass on the roof that dies before it growsSatan, the wicked, oppressors, and colonizers have no power.  They are only tools for God to train the godly in order to get His praise and worship.  You will always see the wicked fall and his children rot in shameHold on to God because your destiny is happiness, good health, and peace; not necessarily money.  Money is a god or an idol.  Just have enough of it to support the businesses in your community so that it stays in the hands of the godly. 

Psalms 130:

God, please hear my cries and have mercy on me. Ignore and forgive my sins because no one can stand if you record sins.  My soul waits for God more than watchmen wait for morning.  Put all you hopes in God for there is unfailing love and full redemption.  In all things, wait on God and ignore the evil people in power by organizing to act against their will.

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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Psalms 131:

God, I am not proud and my eyes are content.  My soul is still and quiet.  Put your hopes in God forever.  Focus on God and the works of your handEvil and powerful people are insignificantHave the faith to walk out on them or vote against them because at the end, everything will be fine in your favor

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