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Daily Bible Verses | June 20 | Psalms 135 | Psalms 136 | Psalms 137
Psalms Teaches Idols Takes Personality of Owner
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Psalms 135:

Praise God almighty all those who minister to him for God is good and great.  God controls all of nature and defeats the powerful for the godly to inherit their amassed possessions.  His name, compassion, deeds, and awesomeness endured forever.  Idols of precious stones are meaningless because they cannot speak, see, hear, or respond.  The godly should praise God exceedingly. Money, like other idols, cannot see, hear, or speak.  It carries the personality of the owners.

Psalms 136:

Give God thanks.  God is the God of gods and Lord of lords.  God made the heaven and earth with his wisdom and destroyed many great kings and kingdoms to set the slaves free.  Give thanks to God because he will do it again in the 21st century to free the godly and have them judge the godless nation that enslaved them.

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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Psalms 137:

How can the slaves sing a song of joy in the land of their affliction and bondage?  They long for freedom to their homeland with full access to their resources.  Their homeland was torn down, burned, enslaved, colonized, and their resources siphoned to this day.  God will avenge for the godly and the slaves.  The descendants of the oppressors will have their infants dashed against the rock.

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