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Daily Bible Verses | June 21 | Psalms 138 | Psalms 139 | Psalms 140
Psalms Teaches How Godly Should Honor God before Godless
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Psalms 138:

I will praise God even before the gods.  Godís faithfulness, name, and love are exalted above all things.  May all the kings praise God when they hear Godís words.  Though, the godly walk in the midst of trouble, God preserves him and destroys his enemiesGod will never abandon the godly.   Always praise God before the wicked and godless by embracing truth, fairness, justice, and morality ahead of their money and resources.

Psalms 139:

God and the godly are oneThey move together and are inseparable. God is with the godly in his thoughts, speech, and actions.  God already knew the godly before birth, but will he follow Satan and the wicked to perish.  God please search me and you will find that I have nothing against God.  Please slay the wicked and bloodthirsty men that plan evil against the godly and misuse Godís name.

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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Psalms 140:

God, please rescue me from wicked men who love violence and war on a daily basis.  God do not grant the desires of the wicked or they will become proud.  Let trouble cover the wicked, let their evil plans from their lip befall them, and let them burn in hot coal and fireGod secures and upholds the poor and the needy.  The godly will praise God and live before God.  Hunger (take all the resources), fear of death (war), and loss of freedom (imprisonment and conquest) are Satanís way of utilizing the wicked to get more followers

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