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Daily Bible Verses | June 26 | Proverbs 3 | Proverbs 4 | Proverbs 5
Proverbs Teaches Wisdom For Life Better Than Money
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Proverbs 3:

Wisdom prolongs life and brings prosperity.  With love and faithfulness you win favor from God and man.  Trust more in God than your own understanding The acknowledgement of God brings good health and healthy bones Honor God with your money so that you may prosper.  God disciplines those he loves.  Wisdom is more profitable than silver and has a higher return than gold.  It is the wisdom of God that sustains life and the universe.  Preserve sound judgment and discernment, and have no fear over the disaster that befalls the godless. Never withhold good from those that deserve it, give when you have it now than later, do not plot harm against or accuse the innocent, and do not envy the wicked and godless for their wealthGod curses the house of the wicked, mocks the arrogant, and shames the godless, but the godly inherits blessing, grace, and honor.

Proverbs 4:

Wisdom is supreme, get it, and she will watch over you forever.  It is wisdom that brings Godís honor and longevity as well as prevents you from the path of the wicked, evil, and godlessWisdom is life, happiness, and health.  Keep your mouth clean from corrupt and perverse talks.

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Proverbs 5:

Beware of the adulteress.  Her lips are like honey and her words are smoother than oil.  At the end, she is bitter and sour, her feet leads to death, and her paths are crooked without her knowing.  Never go for adultery because you will give your best and strength to others who are cruel, and all your fruits and labor will be inherited by anotherDrink from your own well and do not share it with strangersRejoice in your spouse.  The wicked and godless lack discipline and wisdom, and their evil deeds ensnare them to shame and destruction.

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