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Daily Bible Verses | June 27 | Proverbs 6 | Proverbs 7 | Proverbs 8
Proverbs Teaches Relationship Between Wisdom and Adultery
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Proverbs 6:

If you have done any wrong by your actions or words, go to your neighbor and apologize.  Learn from the ant and work hard to avoid povertyThose who lie, deceive, and plan evil because of race, gender, and creed shall perish.  The prostitute reduces you to bread and the adulteress eats your life.  No one who touches anotherís spouse goes unpunishedDo not despise he who steals because of hunger even though he will pay for it, but the one who commits adultery lacks judgment.

Proverbs 7:

It is wisdom that keeps you from the seductive spouse.  She comes out never staying at home to look for young men that lack judgment when her husband is away.  With smooth talk, colorful linen, and perfumes, she lures him to his death.  Embrace wisdom and stay away from her path.  She has brought many to ruin and her house is the highway to death.  Many American politicians and global authority figures have lost their credibility and job because of adultery.

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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Proverbs 8:

Wisdom cries out daily and begs men for attention even at the city gates.  Her mouth speaks what is true, just, right, and worthy, and she detests wickedness and crookedness.  Wisdom and knowledge are more precious and valuable that gold or silver. To fear God is the wisdom to hate evil, pride, arrogance, lies, deceit, and perverse speech.  Enduring wealth, treasures, honor, and prosperity resides in wisdom.  Wisdom was the first work of God and it existed before anything else was created in the heavens or on earth.  Wisdom was the craftsman beside God in all of creations.  Whoever embraces wisdom loves God and he who fails to find wisdom loves death.

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