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Daily Bible Verses | June 30 | Proverbs 15 | Proverbs 16 | Proverbs 17
Proverbs Teaches the Greedy Destroys Family
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Proverbs 15:

It is best to have little with the fear of God than have great wealth with troubles.  God tears down the house of the proud and upholds the boundaries of the widow.  A greedy man brings problems to his family, but a man who dislikes bribes lives.  The fear of God brings wisdom and humility comes before honor.

Proverbs 16:

Commit to God all that you do and you will succeed.  God is in control of everything even the day the wicked is destroyed.  When God is pleased with a man he makes even his enemies be at peace with him.  A little godliness surpasses huge gain with injustice.  It is better to be oppressed than to share stolen wealth with the proud and godless

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Proverbs 17:

A wise servant will inherit and rule over a disgraceful son.  God detest the punishment of the innocent and flogging officers for their integrityEven a fool is seen as wise if he controls his tongue.

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