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Daily Bible Verses | June 5 | Psalms 90 | Psalms 91 | Psalms 92
Psalms Teaches Godly Mistake Wealth as God's Blessing
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Psalms 90:

God is God from everlasting to everlasting.  God has been our dwelling place for generations.  God returns man to the dust and 1,000 years is just like yesterday or a night watch to God.   God, please favor the godly and bless the work of our hands.  The godly waste their time trying to compete with the godless for worldly possessions as God blessings, but all we should be doing is praising God in contentment as God blesses the work of our hands.

Psalms 91:

I dwell and trust in God.  God will protect you from all the terror, pestilence, and destruction of the night, darkness, and noonday.  Thousands may fall all around you but nothing will touch you.  You will only live to see the miserable compensation of the wicked just because you dwell in God.  God will send his angels to guard you and bear you with their hands.  Serpents and lions will fall beneath your feet.  God will protect and deliver you because you love him and know his name. God will honor you with long life and give you salvation.  Never allow the envy and glamour of the money, power, and influence of the godless be the reason why you forsake GodIt is for this reason that those who are perishing appear to prosper.

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Psalms 92:

It is great to give God thanks and praise in the morning and at night with music.  God's works are great and his thoughts are so deep that the stupid and foolish can neither know nor understand.  The wicked and evildoers flourish and prospers, but are merely doomed for destruction.  I have been anointed with oil to see and hear the downfall of my enemies.  The godly flourished in the house and courts of God.  They still bear fruits till old age and declare the righteousness of God. Do not flourish with the wicked and godless, but rather, flourish in the house of God.

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