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The varied view points presented so far on this ongoing discussions about the prevailing EDO burial rites in contrast to the EDO traditional rites spells serious and extensive trouble for us as a people. We are caught between a rock and a boulder of same with little or no room to wiggle. That there is a conflict between social needs based on the age old traditions of our people and those of an individual compelled by economic strife is a bases for serious reflection by each of us about our current ways of lives and our future as a people.

The endlessly leaping flames of Westernization has continued to engulf us and all that we are. But all that we are, are rooted deep in our customs and traditions. A person is the wholesale embodiment of the cultures and traditions of the people and place from which he/she evolves. Those same factors are deeply engraved into our Chromosome from long ago continued inheritances. An unencombranced embrace of those inheritances as EDOS, is the only bases of our stability, real growth and progress as a people.


To accept the specific individual need of a person as superior to those of the larger EDO society for economic or other reason, is to accept and embrace the Freudian ID concept of living in a society. This concept is concerned with individual drive satisfaction as the bases for the motives and power towards the achievement of yet again, individual satisfaction despite all possible adverse impacts on the very society that the individual is a part of. In time, ID leads to the death and decay of the society itself especially when that society is founded on the equilibrium of the group.

The Western culture is focused on the personality formation of the individual...in spite of and independent of the society. In effect, the participants are engaged in a death driven Darwinian struggle against one another....mother against siblings, spouses against each other, siblings against father, siblings against siblings, family against family, group against groups, etc. This western concept based on the Freudian/Darwinian models deviates distantly from the EDO cultural formation of lives and living in a society. The very notion of the Darwinian Artificial/Natural selection and the "Survival of only the fittest", predicts the outcome of an evolving life among lives events and defined the winner even before the event is concluded. This is the culture divesting Darwinian legacy. It predicts even in an event where the outcome is perfectly impossible to determine prior to the conclusion of same because of varied events execute across time with varied results. This concept failed to take into consideration, the critical interdependency of the lives within the social event of interest.

The transposition or adoption of this western social focus and ways of life on EDO people via gradual erosion of the original culture or short-cut transposition, places the EDOS in a juxtaposition without stability and direct.

In the EDO concept, there is little value attached to individualism and or a self sustaining independent self. The EDO culture was defined, tested, practiced and proven for thousands of years as a bases of natural adaptation, living, social growth and cohesiveness of the human environment. It is an African proven ways of life in pure conformity with the formation of the natural systems of the universe. It is the God's way.

The EDO way is SOCIAL and GROUP-CENTERED. It was developed on the clear understanding that the individual is only a component of the whole society. It follows that the well being of the individual is based and severely tired to the well-being of the society the individual duels in. It follows therefore, that individual self is defined by and acts in a group. Thus, the well-being of the individual and all beings within the society is logically determined by the wellness or equilibrium of the group in functioning as a single unit.

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The above spells interdependency. That was how our ancestors did it and they had wonderful, humble, but fulfilled lives in their humble social environments. This interdependency was largely responsible for the rapid growth of the EDO nation and towns from a mere group of three, five or six persons to a whole clan of small villages within villages, clans and whole scale towns across western Africa. We will never match those performances in growth...in spite of the modern explosion of uncontrolled sexualism.

The burial of an Elder EDO person was a social event for all members of the same society in the days when social integrity was superior to individual wimps. The requirements for a befitting burial of an EDO was jointly shared and managed by all members, just as they jointly shared while the dead was living. Such death in the first place, directly impacts the society as a whole...adversely. However, the Darwinian driven western approaches to individualism and wealth, has caused inappropriately, our people to lay most or all of the burial cost burden on the immediate members of the family of the dead. Thus, ushered in the need for revolt against the ways of the people, "my way among much ways", and.......

We as a people, must find our long lost balance and re-establish our social equilibrium if we must survive. The greed driven rapid adoption of western cultures, contradicts our very essence as Africans and more specifically, as EDOS. Like most Oriental societies, we must seek fervently, our future from within our cultures because, in spite westernization and western education, we are and will always remain the essence of our cultural inheritances. What we need is already within us. We must reach within, seek to be ourselves, be proud of who and what we are and let what we have in our real cultures, untwine our future growth and progress for us. This is the reason that Japan, with her many natural limitations is the economic super-power of envies across the world.

We must seek to find ways to bury the dead and departed EDOS in conformity with the ways of our people and our traditions. There were and still are, wonderful reasons for doing so.