14 Strategies to Eliminate Police Brutality and Racism
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
June 14, 2020
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Despite over three weeks of global protests, it is clear that police brutality and racism is a culture and lifestyle against blacks in America because you still read of blacks being killed in the news to this day. Below are 14 strategies of how to eliminate police brutality and racism in America:

1) Carefully investigate the compliant to the police: Many of the calls to police against blacks are false or exaggerated to get the police there quickly, ready for action, and in large numbers.

2) Arrest false complainants: People who intentionally make false complaints against blacks should be arrested. Credibility of a complaint should come before the need to arrest or kill a black person.

3) Train police against harassment & brutality: Many Americans intentionally use the inefficiency and inadequate decision making skills of police against blacks. Many are aware that police is more interested in making an arrest of blacks than focusing on what actually happened.

4) Police should have college degrees: Any person who is given a gun, a badge, and power over people’s lives, career, health, and criminal record should at least have a college degree and have successfully taken some problem solving courses, such as college math, physics, and chemistry. It also exposes police to blacks that are ambitious, creative, intelligent, and productive.

Make police have liability insurance & lose pension: Just like doctors, police should be made to get liability insurance in case they hurt anyone by using excessive force and lose their pension if they kill unharmed individuals.

2) Terminate police who harass and brutalize: Police who enjoy harassing and brutalizing blacks unnecessarily should be terminated immediately. They are the ones giving the police a bad name and should not be tolerated by both the mayor and police chief. They use excessive force mainly against blacks because they feel they can legally get away with it.

3) Arrest police that kill unarmed persons: There should be no reason to kill an unarmed person. Teasers or dogs can be used to subdue criminals and video tapes or license plates can be used to identify those that escape to make an arrest later.

4) Mandatory drug test for police who killed: Any police officer that has killed an unarmed person should be arrested immediately and given a test for drugs, marijuana, and alcohol within an hour of the incident by an independent party. This will show the state of mind during decision making.

5) Implement police registry: Police who use excessive force to harm or kill unarmed person or have been fired by from the police force should be listed in the police registry as not eligible for rehire by any other police department.

6) Disband the grand jury system: The grand jury was designed to protect the police, whites, or the powerful against the blacks, immigrants, and the poor. The prosecutor is usually a colleague of the police or a sympathizer to the white killer in order to get re-elected. The family of the victim should have the right to get their own lawyer to plead their case before a jury of their peers.

7) Remove biased judges against blacks: Any judge that is known to give unjust longer prison sentence to blacks than whites more than 10% of the time and backs it up by using old slave laws from the pre-civil rights era should be removed from office immediately even if elected or appointed. Unjust long prison sentences under the law is what actually created the never ending cycles of police brutality and racism because it breeds fatherless homes, broken marriages, poverty, teenage pregnancy, unemployment, illiteracy, crime and other children delinquencies.

8) Remove the idols of hate from public places: Throughout Europe and America, the idols of colonization, oppression, segregation, hate, and dehumanization are being torn down or defaced. These idols represents the laws by which the judges, police, and non-blacks live their lives, make their decisions, and vote for policy makers. Every image or flag in America that once supported slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, and black inferiority should be removed our public places and the reasons for the removal should be taught throughout grade school education.

9) Give blacks reparations: Americans should learn how blacks have been oppressed and suppressed throughout grade school with the help of police and why blacks deserve reparations. Blacks can be given free higher education or vocational training, free business capital, or exempted from taxes for 100 years.

10) Prevent voters’ suppression: Blacks are unable to vote for leaders who can make the progressive policies they want because of high unjust arrests, low income, and low education. Elections should be done on weekends so that blacks have time to vote and not affected their income. People should have the right to vote after serving their prison term. Black voters’ registration should not be thrown out without adequate timely notification and for minute errors just before election week. Voting machines in black districts need to be available, functioning, and non-deceptive so that voters can vote adequately within an hour of arrival.

These 14 strategies within the next 5 years should help to change the way Americans think, relate, and raise their children. It will also change the way police are used as puns to terrorize blacks into submission in their daily lives and how judges are used to officially break up black families in order to breed delinquent children for the prisons. Ultimately, it will change the way we vote for politicians who intentionally pass racist policies on which both police brutality and racism is based for generations.

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