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This page discusses African view of Black-American history and African-American heritage. It talks about the latest issue in the news and gives it a spin and perspective from an Edo, Nigeria, and African perspective. We touch on issues that concerned Lumumba, Tavis Smiley, Joe Dumars, Michael Jackson, and Black Republicans.

Afrocentric versus Eurocentric
How many white men do you know?
Edo Books
Benin-City: City of Peace
A Millenial Indaba?
Hidden Edo Treasures
Eulogizing the living
The five laws of gold
Sources of Proverbs
Losing Alone or Winning Together
History is a Weapon
We must go back to our cultural basics
Dr. Bapna fails Black Students
Eisenhower Ordered the Murder of Lumumba
Edo Girls and Foreign Prostitution
Genetics and Racism (6/03)
Blacks do not read (7/04)
Who are Creation’s Scientists? (1/05)
A Word from Tavis Smiley (11/06)
Google, Yahoo, World Factbook, & Wikipedia (2006)
Money: Difference Between Wealth & Riches (2006)
Painful Reward of Peace & Conformity (2006)
Piston’s Joe Dumars: It Pays to be a Gentleman (2006)
Knowledge: The Greatest Form of Wealth (2006)
Is Racism still Part of Southern Pride? (2006)
Are National Leaders Born or Made? (2006)

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