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This is the Edo history of the real Edo of Nigeria (Benin Empire or Benin Kingdom), and not Japan. The Edo history of Japan is much younger than the Edo history of Nigeria. The Edo history of Nigeria is over 1,200 years old, while the Edo history of Japan is a mere 500 years old. We are aware of African migration to Asia or maybe the Edo history is just a coincidence, but Edo history should favor the oldest, which is that of the Edo history of Nigeria. Our Edo history page covers the Edo history link to Egypt/Sudan, Onitsha, Lagos, and the new world.

Igbo Homeland Hypothesis
Order of Precedence
Ado of Onitsha
Misattribution to Egharevba
Urhonigbe, Tales of Woes
Edo-Sudan Link
The Home of the Enahoros
The History of Onitsha Ado
The Old Historians
The Kings of the Sky
So Rich A Kingship
Fogotten Son of Oduduwa
Are all Edos related to the Ogisos?
Historical Treaties: Jaja of Opobo
British Invasion Revisited
British Invasion Revisited 2
Edos and The British
The “Ile ibinu”question
Ancient City: Fading cultural memories
Vanishing Culture Belt

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Edo Baby Names: