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This page discusses Edo, Nigeria, and African perspective. It address Africa and Nigeria issues from an African perspective. The views include sports, education, economics, politics, culture, religion, World Cup, Wole Soyinka, world Black affairs, and terrorism.

Gideon Orkar’s Speech
Lt. Col. Mike Iyorshe
A letter to Mrs. Abacha
Asaba Was the First Capital
Interview with Victor Uwaifo
First Nigerian to coach a European team
Osasuyi Uwensuyi Edosomwan

Discovery of Benin 2/03
Palace and Igbinedion 2/03
Our Hausa/Fulani Leaders (7/04)
Nigerian Inventor (7/04)
Sir Ahmadu Bello (1/05)
Disgraceful 419 letter by Nigerians (3/05)
Nigeria: Leader of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (3/05)
419 letter of Complaint (3/05)
The Voice of Change (9/06)
Niger Delta & WAZOBIA (2007)
Are Nigerians Worshippers of the Devil? (8/07)
Nigeria and Snow White (2/08)
NFA and Nigerians Cripple Eagles (2/08)

Nigerians and the Culture of Success (2/08)
Nigeria & its Kindergarten Education (2/08)
Nigeria & the New World Order (3/08)
The Effect of Manufacturing on Nigerian Character (4/08)
Born to Rule (5/08)
Nigeria, Olajuwon, Jordan, and Okocha (6/08)

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