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This page discusses issue from a Nigerian perspective. It talks about the latest international issue in the news and gives it a spin and perspective from an Edo, Nigerian, and African perspective. We discusses slavery, President Obama, Middle East conflict, and Dr. Gates. Enjoy our international perspective.

Africa’s contribution to Rome
The Largest African Slave Rebellion
African Presence In Fiji
Afro-Cuban Voices
Humanity Traced To Africa
Brazil’s lost Naua tribe
The First Chinese Were Black
Black Athena
The Origin Of Alphabet
The Black Greeks (6/03)
Myths About Slave Trade (7/04)
Egypt’s Role in European History (7/04)
Jews Against Zionism (7/04)
Black Americans and Black Africans (3/05)
Props to the Black President (3/05)
Was Albert Einstein a Socialist? (3/05)
Blacks need to get even (5/05)
Black Leaders: Barack Obama (2006)
Policing the Police (2006)
Is Prison a Form of Oppression? (2006)
Hezbollah & the US Military (2006)
Actual Letter to Bush & Annan (2006)
Solution to the Middle East Conflict (2006)
Sex & Employment (2006)
America’s Coverage of Sports (2006)
Bill O’Reilly & Sean Hannity (5/07)
Disgrace of an American City (8/07)
Illegal Immigrants & American Rights (9/07)
CNN & the Noose (11/07)

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