20 Best Requirements for America’s President - Child Support, Medical Care, & Immigrants
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Dec 2007
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It is about time for all Americans to be wise and rise above race, gender, political party, and religious affiliations when choosing our president. Due to the complexity of our great nation, I believe that we must consider the following while voting and electing our president:

1) A person that respects other nations and deals with them like they deal with Europeans nations and not less even in disagreement.

2) A person that respects human and civil rights, and enforces it fairly and legally.

3) A person that respects American workers more that corporate profits. Americans should be happy to get jobs since corporate will make profits anyway.

4) A person who believes in God, goodness, and Biblical morality, since our nation is the only nation founded on the Biblical God and principles.

5) A person who believes in alternative energy sources that will compete with oil and encourage the electric and solar automobiles / machines.

6) A person who respects science as a tool to enhance our life and health and not just as a tool for profit or to reject science as evil and ungodly.

7) A person that encourages laws to be passed that will allow a minimum percentage of qualified workers and managers per race and per gender in every company or organization. Some groups are the last to get hired and are the first to get fired / laid off.

8) A person that challenges the judicial and legal systems to be fair in its interpretation of the law, and clean out phrases or clauses that intentionally hinder some groups. We still have centuries old laws that are used in courts to find against certain Americans and ultimately give legal records that reduce their chances to compete fairly and economically.

9) A person who enforces the law to bring unity among the races and genders, and leave no room for the profits of unnecessary divorce, child-support, and racial intimidation based on traditions and heritage.

10) A person who believes in affordable health care. It does not have to be free, but every American should be able to get good healthcare in the locality of their homes or work.

11) A person who must pass laws to make school systems provide healthy foods, preferably vegetables, for the children. We should fight against fats, sugar, and obesity.

12) A person who passes laws against bad parenting. Parents should be held accountable for child’s bad behaviors and lack of drive to take education seriously and not the schools and teachers.

13) A person who will make abortion illegal unless the baby would kill the mother during the birth process. This might not only increase marriage rates or better relationships, but will also encourage Americans to be more selective with whom they sleep with. Hopefully, they will put character and family background, before looks and money.

14) A person who will make homosexual marriage illegal in every American town, but everyone will have the right to choose their lifestyle and pass their property to whomever they wish without legal or government interference.

15) A person who will make welfare illegal after the age of 27. Every American adult on welfare should have a fair chance to get an education or learn a trade by the age of 27. After that, they are on their own to utilize the knowledge and skills that they have acquired. This will reduce welfare babies and also encourage responsibility while they still have time to lay a foundation for life after age 27.

16) A person who believes that the Americans of African descent do not have the capital to truly compete with other races for a fair economic growth. They do not have the old money and network other races have to build businesses and their communities. While many other races have some advantage, Americans of African descent that are over 30 years of age and have shown some responsibility in trade and education should be given $100,000 for reparation (20 life expectancy years x $5,000 per year). This will not only compensate for their over 400 years of American legal hindrance while building wealth for others for free, but it will also give them an opportunity to contribute positively to the American dream instead of living in frustration to racism.

17) A person who will lead us to war, only if Americans are truly at risk without encouraging intelligence department to lie in order to acquire profits from oil and other resources.

18) A person who will pass laws to challenge the media against intentionally distorted information to favor a special interest or political party. Americans must know the truth always in order to make better judgments about their circumstances and leadership.

19) A person who allows all illegal immigrants to register themselves, pay tax and fines for entry, put them at the end of citizenship application, and will go through the process like everyone else to be either accepted as citizen or to be deported. The border must also be secured by soldiers or a wall.

20) A person that will appoint leaders and judges that will not conserve all of American traditions, some of which is filled with foundations based of prejudice, inequality, and hate, but instead, liberate it to a heritage of tolerance, togetherness, and appreciation of each other through the law.

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