419 Letter of Complaint
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From : Raju S.M <advocate_raju@hotmail.com>
Sent : Saturday, March 19, 2005 2:47 PM
To : interpol@nda.vsnl.net.in
CC : adipol@cbi.nic.in, ittipol@police.go.th, osdc@cbi.nic.in, info@efccnigeria.com, edofolks@hotmail.com, 419@419legal.org, info@cenbank.org, wonst@nigerianscams.org, wafl@phonebusters.com
Subject : complaint- DHL courier- timely suggestion please-reminder

The Superintendant of Police

CBI India

Respected Sir

I S.Madhav Raju, Adovcate, resident of G6, Sita Enclave, Seetammdara, Visakhapatnam-530013, A.P. India, would like to put forth my long burning problem with the hope that would be solved under your able control.

I complaint against Mr.Jeffy Aumae ( Nigerian) maried Thai lady and have one daughter residing at Pratunam (Nigeria area) Bangkok, Thailand with telephone ( Fax #66-1-8467167) and Cell#66998092101, and 060463441 and all call divert facilities from Nigeria have invited me through internet at Bangkok and cheated me with fictious names and his wife made me to open Bank account Thai Farmer Bank, Bangkok, where she stood as a introducer also vide Account#018-2-79711-1 and the responders looted and cheated me for usd 44,000, which is my all life savings and one stage I was about to sucide myself as the money lender,s pressure and had bitter experience in my life.

Without doing anything, I approached CBI S.P. the then Mr.Sudhkar at Visakhapatnam and as per his advice, I got the correct name of the responders with their phone number through S.P. CBI, Bangkok, Thailand Mr.Pol.Col.Ittipol Kisuwanna and the Thai lady photo also. Though I identified the photo, nothing fruitfull action has been done so far due to my misfortune, though I reminding them from time to time. Hence I dropped to corresponding with the responders.

Now the responder sent e-mail again to send usd500 through DHL courier by concealing note in the mazagine to allow them to send drafts of the bill (false) to the following address:

Mr.Sunday Igboanugo,

104, Mushin Road,

Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone: 234-803-325-1726 ( It seems this number is call divert to thailand because I had bitter experience for the responders cheating)

In this juncture, your advice and timely instruction to follow to send courier through DHL to catch the responder red-handedly by your able control, which I hope.

I once again request your good self to be kind enough to indulge in these knotty problem and save me and my family in these critical juncture and see no one like me cheated like this by the responders in future, in which act of kindness, I shall ever thank full to you sir

Please revert, if you require any further particulars to this e-mail.

An early timely action is solicited.

Thanking you Sir


S.Madhava Raju

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