A Letter to Mrs. Maryam Abacha
Hilary Evbayiro
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Dear Mrs. Abacha:

When your husband sacked Shonekan and took control of Nigeria, people thought he was going to be our redeemer. People thought he was going to deliver the goods that Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB) failed us, but within a short time, your husband proved all of us wrong. He became a menace and began to unleash evil on the people of Nigeria, even worse than what IBB did, while Nigerians watched in shocking horror and fear. Madam, one can only hope that you have not forgotten the proverbial saying that “the evil that men do lives after them.”

I have not actually cared about you and your family since your husband died disgracefully. I do not care not because I do not have inveterate hope and interest in what is happening in my country of nativity, but because I felt we should allow true justice to take its course. By true justice, I mean the kind of justice that your husband denied Nigerians during his evil and satanic reign.

Since your husband died, you have not relented in your odious efforts to seize the spotlight to seek pity for your situation, which your brazen ways and jezebel-like iniquities brought upon you and your family. Right from the very beginning and as the disheartening stories of your husband’s egregious atrocities on fellow Nigerians started to unfold, you even tried to make the BBC Hausa Service a place to flaunt your stories, circulate falsehood, and garner supports and undeserved sympathy. At that time too, you tried to enlist the assistance and support of General Buhari in your frenzied attempt to try to stop the Federal Government from looking into the evil deeds of your husband. Unfortunately for you, he declined your request. You then turned to and started to woo some of the powerful traditional rulers to help suppress the blaze of truth and justice. They too refused. The killings of innocent Nigerians by your husband and son started to unfold and the bloods of many Nigerians who died needlessly started to leak in the hands of your husband and family. Your son, Mohamed, was indicted for crimes against the Nigerian people. You started to cry foul and ran helter-skelter. You resorted to talking nonsense and insulting the whole people of Nigeria. You went back to the same people who previously did not want to have anything to do with you and your family. You even went to IBB, another quondam evil ruler, the master of dubiety and devil incarnate himself; he too turned you down with sly.

How could you have been living hale and hearty at the time your husband was macerating the generality of our people into submission and destroying our economy? It is too late for you to cry now. You and your family certainly had it coming. The evils of your husband have befallen your family, and you have no one to blame for the whole thing but yourself for not stopping it when you could have done so. It was a choice before you then, but you chose not to do the right thing. You chose not to advise your husband against his vileness toward his fellow Nigerians. You chose a different course of action. You chose to enrich your family’s pocket at the excruciatingly killing pains and expense of millions of Nigerians who have now been thrown into the lethargy of economic deprivation and abject neediness. I do not think you even have the right to show your shamelessness in public, let alone suing the Federal Government of Nigeria and some individuals. You should cover yourself in infamy and begin to rue the humiliation and indignity that greed has brought upon you and your family.
When I read about your frivolous and evil-minded lawsuit, I was sickened and appalled to the point that it caused a visceral revulsion in me. Rather than continuing to antagonize Nigerians and our government, I think you need to return all the loots in your possession and then beg for forgiveness and mercy for the socio-economic mayhems your husband and family perpetrated on us. It is very surprising to see that you are talking of constitutional right when you watched and relished delight in people’s pain and anguish as your husband tortured, maimed, and killed Nigerians who was bold enough to challenge his wrong doings. Today, you are talking of constitutional right. Nigeria has changed positively and tremendously in the right direction. At last, we all, and even you, can now talk and complain of constitutional rights. You have forgotten that at the time your devilish husband was in power, there was nothing like constitutional right. Please remember that Ken Saro Wiwa, MKO Abiola, Shehu Yar’Adua, Kudirat Abiola, and the myriad of other Nigerians whose lives were cut short by the dastard action of someone in your family cannot now talk of constitutional right. Mrs. Maryam Abacha, why are you talking of constitutional right when it is not a concept in your family book?

President Obasanjo has made his intentions loud and clear concerning the evils of your husband. He has stated that the misdeeds of your husband and family must be left to the court of justice, which is exactly what we are seeing thus far with the on-going trial of your son, Mohamed, and some of his henchmen. For Nigerians, especially those who were put through hell by the depraved atrocities of your husband, whatever is happening to your family is quite apposite and utterly condign, considering the evils he perpetrated on our people and the heinous legacy he left behind.

I must admit that I am sick and tired of hearing that you were on national limelight, most unabashedly, to say this and that about Nigeria and what is being done to your disgraced family. Why can’t and won’t you get out of your deceitful world and see the true life and horror that your husband and family put Nigerians through? Madam, I do not think you have conscience. Your actions and unremorseful attitude thus far are tantamount to an arrant lack of penitence and must be deprecated most disdainfully.

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Considering your various public utterances concerning your husband heinous treatment of the Nigerian people, it is very clear that you may be suffering from a “crusonic” amnesia or are just too wicked to recognize the wrongs your husband did to Nigerians during the lamentable period of his reprobacy. If you have totally forgotten everything so soon, perhaps the following questions will help jog your memory about Nigeria during your husband reign and Nigeria of today. Where were you when your malevolent husband was terrorizing Nigerians? Where were you when your husband was turning our treasury into your family property? Where were you when your husband was doing all the killings? Where were you when it was mooting that your late husband was the one who set up the helicopter crash that killed your first son? Where were you when your husband was using viagra to do himself to a scandalous death in the hands of two foreign prostitutes as reported?

Madam, you need to allow true justice to reign; again, I mean the kind of justice that Nigerians did not know when your dementedly satanic husband ruled Nigeria. Without a tincture of doubt, you are now the matriarch of the evil empire conceived and concocted by your husband. You seem to have forgotten you told the world that your husband was saving money for Nigeria in foreign banks? Why are you suing to claim what belong to the people of Nigeria? Why are you trying to pervert the true course of justice with a frivolous suit? Mrs. Abacha, if you are yet to see the evils that your husband did to Nigeria and Nigerians, you must be congenitally blinded to the truth and dead in conscience. Please do not try to fool us. We may be ruthlessly oppressed in the past, but we are certainly not easily fooled. Please stop insulting us and face up to the sins and evil deeds of your husband.

My dear Mrs. Maryam Abacha, Nigerians and the whole world are against you and your family. The more you bad-mouth and vilify Nigeria and our nascent democracy, the more you aggravate your problems. Please confess your sins and that of your husband. Beg for forgiveness for this is the only sure way you will ever live in peace and find solace. This is your only way out.


Hilary Evbayiro .

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