A Nigerian Folktale: The End of Times
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
August 28, 2008
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It was with great depression and sadness that I went to bed last night in response to the news of one of my most admired African soccer players – Sulleyman Ali Muntari (Inter-Milan (Italy) / Ghana). I watched him play for Portsmouth weekly and I was very proud of him when he moved to Inter-Milan, which is currently the top team in Italy and one of the most respected soccer teams in the world. I always rejoice when Africans progress and climb up the ladder of success in their field of expertise or career. This is because people love to associate themselves with success. The more successful African are in their legitimate daily affairs, the more our children can overcome the barriers of discrimination and also become more successful.
Sulleyman Ali Muntari in his last game was observing Ramadan and his performance was so embarrassing that he was benched by his coach within 30 minutes of the game. Ramadan is a period in Islam where Muslims are expected to fast from sunrise to sunset. So an African professional player, in the best team in Italy, in one of the best teams in Europe, with the whole world watching, and is paid millions of Euros, decided to go hungry in a physically demanding game like soccer. Again, an African Muslim puts the Arab religion before the love and respect for himself, his nation, his race, and his continent. When an Algerian Arab player, who scored a goal against AC Milan, was asked about why he performed so well in his match during Ramadan, the Arab (creator, owner, and enforcer of the Islamic religion) said that he does not fast during Ramadan on training and game days. In the eyes of God and mankind, while the African Muslims foolishly show their solidarity with Arab’s demand of Islam, the Arabs are increasing the honor of themselves, their people, their nations, and the determination to succeed and be respected for their descendants to see.

In my irritation and sadness, I fell into a trance. I saw the heavens open and the living and the dead stood before God. God called on the Africans to stand before Him as His firstborns and the original human he created. The Africans were not ready because they did not want God’s Son to represent them as a born African. Despite the fact that His Son was an African Jews of Canaanite descent, they felt that his place was in heaven and that they could represent themselves. So God called on the Europeans.

The Europeans matched towards God in pride and joy and where led by Napoleon, Isaac Newton, and the Roman Emperors. The Lord then asked them why they wanted to enter heaven. Napoleon told the lord that his people where the ones who matched through out the world removing Kings and dictators from thrones in order to establish modern democracy. He even stated that they established the constitutions of government that is still used today to create law and order for modern citizens. Newton happily told God about all their scientific innovations that enhanced knowledge, health care, and understanding of God’s universe for the benefit of mankind. The Roman Emperors added that they conquered vast lands to civilize them and they also made Christianity an appealing religion for the world till this day. They also stressed that the systems of the world is still very much Roman and it is what the western civilization is built upon.

Satan then accused the Europeans of African Slavery, of being mass murderers of the conquered peoples, and for starvation of the world for their greedy ambitions. The Son then said that he forgave them and that his father should please allow them into heaven. He reasoned that all they did was for the happiness, health, and progress of their people. He also stated that despite the fact that they would have accomplished more collaborating with all people, they would not have been able to do any harm to others if the others had organized themselves to become a collaborating force instead of becoming victims. After all they had the same opportunities. The Europeans were forgiven and entered heaven, but the Africans were still not ready. The Africans also did not want their kings to represent them. I saw Oba Akenzua of the Benin Empire, Shaka of the Zulus, King David, wise King Solomon, and the mighty Pharaohs of the Nile of Egypt demanding their respect, but the Africans felt that their reign was long gone. God then called the Arabs.

The Arabs marched in towards the Lord their God and shouting that God was great. As they approached the feet of the lord, they all knelt on the ground and bowed in unison. They were lead by Abraham, Jacob (Israel), the Arab Prophet, the great Saladin, Gaddafi, and the Ayatollahs. The Arab Prophet made eye contact with the Son on the right side of their Lord and bowed before the Son. The Father then asked why they wanted to enter heaven. Abraham began by reminding God about their friendship and how he obeyed God’s plan of leaving Arab land to go settle amongst the Africans, with which his descendants created the Israeli nation – God’s people. The Arab Prophet told God about how he heard His call and started Islam that still exists to this day. He also explained how Islam opened trade and economics from Asia all the way to Africa, and how Islam turned an insignificant people into a mighty economical and political force on the world stage. Sultan Saladin joyfully stated that despite the fact that children of Europeans who practice Judaism now rule Israel that he was the original leader that drove the Europeans out of Jerusalem to prevent the total corruption of God’s city. Gaddafi and the Ayatollahs bragged about how they maintained the relevance of Islam in distant continents and withstood the encroachment of European domination against Islam.

Satan the accuser openly rejected their accomplishments. He claimed that the Arabs enslaved Africans physically and mentally, and was responsible for destroying many cultures. The Son dismissed Satan’s claims and argued that they were obedient to God’s cause and all they did was for joy and pride of their people. He reasoned that they could have done more by working with others, but they wanted to make sure that their ways surpassed others. The Arabs were forgiven and allowed into heaven. The Lord had to call upon the Asians because the Africans were fighting against their scholars. I saw them telling Wole Soyinka, Martin Luther King, Jr, President Obama, Justice Thurgood Marshall and even Mandela to stand aside because majority of Blacks were not even educated anyway – all this in heaven before the Lord.

The Asian walked in modestly and bowed before the Lord in a standing position. They were led by Sage Confucius, Emperor Shi of China, Buddha, and Gandhi. They all talked about their contributions to the human pursuit of peace, independence, freedom, and spiritual knowledge. Confucius talked about his principles and rules that shaped China to this day and how China is now a major economic and political force today. The Emperor made it clear that he was the first man in history to unify China and made them understand that they could survive, be self-reliant, and be independent from the rest of humanity. He emphasized that China is so great that the United States is not only indebted to China in the billions of euros, but they all depend on China for manufacturing things. Gandhi later spoke about his fight against European domination of India and that India is also a force on the global scene today.

The accuser jumped in as always and accused them of keeping their people poor so that they can be the cheap laborers of the world. He also added that they made cheap technology for the world to use as mass producers so that the nations can keep buying more, but kept their citizens in shacks to manually keep up production of products that do not last. The Son then asked why the rest can not make their own things if they are so unhappy with Asia. He also stated that Asian would have done better if they had produced more quality products and gave their citizens more economic incentives, but they had to do what they did due to their population. The Asians were forgiven and allowed to enter heaven.

As time went by and it became obvious that the Africans were not going to come to the presence of the Lord by themselves, the angels of heaven begged God to intervene. After a long intercession, the Africans then voted and agreed that the Muslims MUST represent Africans before the Lord. They argued that more than half of the African population is Muslims and about half of the African nations are members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. They also insisted that that Arabic is more of a major language in Africa than the African languages, and that more Africans bear Islamic names than even African names. The Lord then said that if this was so that the Muslims can then speak for the Africans. So the Africans then chose King Mansa Musa of Mali, Sultan Ahmadu Bello of Nigeria, and General Babangida of Nigeria to represent them.

As the Africans appeared to be walking in with the spirit of disagreement and dissatisfaction, some greeted in the Islamic way, others the European way, some the African way, and the rest did not even know that it was time to greet the Lord. The Lord then asked them why they wanted to enter heaven. The leaders then said that the Arabs, who are also Muslims, were in heaven so they too were supposed to be there. The Lord then told them that it was not religion that got people into heaven, but rather, how they have used the knowledge they have acquired in the understanding of the world to better themselves, their children, their people, and nation. God made it very clear that others were in heaven because they did not only enhance their lives through knowledge and what they had created, but also fought to prevent the dishonor of their culture and quality of life. He then asked the leaders again why they wanted to enter heaven.

After a shameful period of silence, the leaders then said that they were the ones who sustained and maintained the presence of Islam that the Arabs created in Africa and that all the credit of Islam is not for the Arabs alone. They also claimed that they are a main promoter of the Arabic language on their currencies, in their schools, and in African governments. They argued that the success of the other nation’s economy was based on the fact that they strategically did not produce so that their people could be the consumers of other peoples produces. They felt that the success of other nations must also be seen as their success indirectly. They also emphasized that God has no other choice that to be happy with them because by holding on to power in order to enforce Islam on the African people instead of building the infrastructures, it did not only extend the hands of Islam generously, but also increased the purchasing power of other nations. King Musa boasted about how he took so much gold from Mali to Mecca that it changed the price of gold for years in Europe and Egypt. Sultan Bello added that he even told the British before Nigeria’s independence that his goal was to make Nigeria a Muslim nation by all means and his followers still tried to accomplish it to this day. General Babangida then reminded the Lord that he was the one who started putting Nigeria’s stolen resources in the Swiss bank to boost the European economy and it was because of these kinds of acts that Africans are all over the world providing menial labor to enhance global economy since African produces almost nothing.

At this, God stood up with His hands on His head and started crying. He then asked the accuser if he had anything to say, but the accuser refused to speak insisting that they have already accused themselves. Satan then knelt down and begged God not to send them to his hell because he did not want them there. God then asked His Son for His opinion, He then explained that He was born one of them on earth but they still rejected Him even in heaven. The African Christians then cried out that they never accepted their leadership and wanted to do better, but the Son claimed that then never fought for their honor, accepted their leadership, and produced nothing. God then asked the Son what He was going to do with them since they are not allowed into heaven and Satan does not want then even in hell.

It was then that my alarm woke me up and it was time to go to work.


Sulleyman Ali Muntari: http://news.yahoo.com/s/time/20090828/wl_time/08599191910600

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