A Word From Tavis Smiley
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A Word From Tavis Smiley

I don’t know whether you all have seen the Black Think Tank that
Tavis Smiley hosts on C-Span every year, but it is powerful food
for thought. Here are a few of the things learned at the Black
Think Tank this month.


1. The first Americans or Native Americans going back to 13,000 BC
were black! Look up the Folsom people who lived in Arizona.

2. One of the best reasons to stop our use of the term African American,
is that when a White born in Africa moves to America, he is an African
American and qualifies for financial aid, etc., but will get the jobs/pay
privileges afforded to whites.

3. Look up the Slavery Law of 1665 (which stayed in effect until
1968) and the Maryland Doctrine of Exclusion (1638): both laws
state that blacks must be excluded from the benefits afforded
whites, and that blacks must remain noncompetitive with whites,
except in sports and entertainment.

4. Two white men: Bill Gates and Larry Elision, combined have more
wealth than the combined wealth of all 36 million blacks in
America. Civil Rights did not change the economic landscape or the balance
of power in America.
5. Asians received 80% of all government minority set aside
contracts. Hello!!
6. Blacks eat more fish than whites by a 4 to 1 margin. For every
dollar that whites spend on fish, blacks spend $9 on fish. Fish
sold wholesale for $1 will retail at $2.50 – $3.00. Guess what
business we should be in as Blacks?
7. There isn’t any black owned national cable, or major network
television stations. Cathy Hughes, the black woman who owns our
only black owned radio stations, plans to sell to white owners
after hearing the deal Bob Johnson received for selling BET.
(Cathy Hughes is from OMAHA y’all!)
8. There are no black owned companies on the Wall Street Stock
Exchange; where blacks own the majority or controlling interest of
the stock.
9. Ninety-six percent (96%) of all black inmates are men.
10. Over the next two years 440,000 black inmates will be released
from prison. The State has no place to put them as they re-enter
society. A profitable business would be a Halfway house!
11. In 1860, 98% of all Blacks in America worked for White people.
In 2001, 98% of all Blacks in America still work for white people.
12. In 1860, blacks in America had a combined net worth of one
half of 1 percentage point. Guess what, in 2001, after Civil Rights,
Jesse Jackson, Oprah, Shaq, NAACP, and Urban League, our
combined net worth is half a percentage point.

13. For every dollar earned by a Jewish person, that dollar
touches 12 to 18 Jewish hands before it leaves their
community. For every dollar earned by a black person
it leaves the community soon as he or she earns it.
14. The last week of April 2003 in Washington, DC black
teenagers were arrested and booked for eating McDonalds
on the metro subway. Cops cited recent 5-4 court decision
as the permission to arrest law breakers even for minor
15. Sixty-seven percent (67%) of all hate crimes in America
are against blacks.

16. After we get through being pleased that we have
carpet in our office, a secretary, our name on the door and
make six figures, we do not own anything.

17. What will happen if you miss 6 months of work without pay? All

we’ve left for our children is debt not an inheritance.
You cannot pass welfare or food stamps onto our kids as a nest
egg! We are not even in the race.

18. By the way, the word “race” hit the English language in the
16th century when Europeans held a contest to see who will win the
race to get her the lost wealth through exploitation of blacks.
19. You must read Powernomics by Claude Anderson.
This is our blueprint to create wealth, not just have a job, but
be a business owner, so you can hire people, be listed on the stock
exchange, and develop businesses to meet our needs.
This is “Good Food” for thought. Share this with children, grand
children, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbor, e-mail
buddies, etc.

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