An Actual Letter to Bush and Annan - United States, United Nations, & Corruption
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
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To President George Bush & Secretary-General Kofi Annan:

It is obvious to all who belief in the truth and the power of reasoning that the genesis of this Middle East crisis is the forceful creation of the modern day Israel.

Since the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Solomon’s temple during Roman rule about 2000 years ago, the Jews had basically lost control of that land. In the twentieth century, that area was Palestine and was governed by the Palestinians. The Jews in the area and Palestinians basically lived side by side, until the United States and the rest of the western world under the umbrella of the United Nations forcefully created Israel. This mistake will either lead us to a Third World War or it will lead us to the colonization of the Middle East. As an American of African descent, colonization is the last thing I want for any people. Majority of Africa’s or the world’s problems can be traced back to colonization. It is a gradual and forcefully process where by a weakened or conquered group is forced to lose its pride, self-identity, language, culture, and leadership systems, which is replaced by leadership puppets of mis-management, corruption, and poverty that caters to the interests of the conquerors.

I refuse to accept the fact that the Arabs hate the Jews as human beings, but instead, they hate the fact the Jews and the unjust creation of Israel are the justification for the European presence in the polity of the Arab world. Even the former Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak, admitted yesterday on Fox News that he pulled out of Lebanon because he realized that Israeli presence for too long was making Hazbollah stronger. Let us be honest with ourselves. Was there anything called Hazbollah, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, or even global Arab hatred for the Jews before 1948? I do not think so. The only solution to this is for us to move backwards with humility.

I recommend the following steps of humility towards prolonged peace in the Middle East:

1) The United Nations need to publicly apologies for the forceful creation of Israel

2) The United Nations needs to appeal to the Palestinians to accept the creation of Israel under Palestinian terms and conditions

3) The United nations should make Jerusalem its headquarters and declare it a “City of Humanity”

This is the only way we all can win and have lasting peace. At the end, there will be a nation of Israel, no one has Jerusalem, and the Arabs will feel that they are a part in the creation of Israel and do not have to fight any more to gain honor for the lands they have lost.

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