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Aimiuwu, E. (2016). Teaching Tip: Using Google Analytics & Social Media to enhance Web Performance, Journal of International Business Education, 11, 155-168.

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The aim of the teaching tip proposed here is to encourage instructors to get information systems (IS) students actively engaged in the use of Google Analytics and Social Media to enhance Web Performance (WP). The goal is to open Facebook and Google Analytics accounts, build a personal webpage, and combine these IS applications to enhance WP. This teaching tip, targeting undergraduates, is an assignment series that should be considered a term project and a supplement to an existing course, such as social media, Web design, business analytics, or e-commerce where it should be interwoven into the existing course. By the end of the semester, students will have a combined experience with webpage design, Facebook, and Google Analytics, as well as a hands-on understanding of how IS enhances WP.

Key Findings:

This teaching tip helps students to become actively engaged with information systems and the Web performance side of it.

This teaching tip helps students to be able to intelligently speak and write about the actual and practical importance of information systems to business, the economy, academia, communication, and interaction from hands-on experience.

This teaching tip should give them hands-on experience on the need, use, and importance of social media, analytics, online communication, writing, and online business. Students get to see Google Analytics’ graphs and charts that show them the times of the day and the days visitors come to their websites, what countries are interested in their websites, how long visitors spend on each webpage, the keywords that bring the most traffic to their websites, their mobile traffic, and what other websites are bringing them traffic.

This teaching tip can be extended to other social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and others for future projects since many social media sites now allow cross-postings from one social media to another.

Ultimately, students will learn how to improve the reach of their websites through social media while monitoring activities on Google Analytics in order strategize how to improve the Web performance in terms of increasing visitors, customers and subsequently revenues.

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