Asexuality & Demisexual: Man's Sexuality and American Politics
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
July 11, 2009
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Asexual men are not interested in a sexual relationship with anyone, but are interested in a romantic relationship outside of sex while Demisexual men are interested in a sexual relationship with anyone after an emotional bond has been established. We have seen many of our male senators and governors embarrassed in American politics because of infidelity. It seems in the West that monogamy is celebrated as a requirement in being an effective leader. I do not know if this rule is influenced by circular morality, or if it is simply to satisfy the feminist or feminine desire of demanding masculine faithfulness at all cost. Regardless, it seems the downfall of these men is because they are more demisexual than being asexual men. There is no sexual evidence against asexual men unless you can prove the quality of time spent with the lover.

As a man, I disagree with punishing people officially for their infidelity. This is because it has nothing to do with how they do their jobs, and it is an issue between the married couple. Also, a man having multiple partners is as natural as sunlight. I have spoken to male youths and men of all races, ages, religions, and occupations, and one thing that stands out is that they wish they can have many women or lovers. Many have even confirmed that their sexual affairs make them better lovers to their wives. It even appears that lots of men put the success of multiple partners before money and career when it comes to their self-esteem. Regardless if these men of power are asexual or demisexual, multiple partners boosts their self-esteems for more power.

Many already know that polygamy is still the most popular form of relationship or marriage in the United States and the world. It could be official marriages, adultery, and a single man with committed “baby mamas” or with many lovers who may or may not know about each other. Monogamy only became an official form of marriage after the black plague destroyed a third of the European population and the church had to step in with the slogan of “one church one Christ” in the 14th century. Monogamy was a medical prevention by man and not a decree from God.

While lots of women would like to call one man their own, many men enjoy having many women or lovers, but hate to see their woman with another. Many men favor cheating as long as no baby is made and no disease is passed around. Men who do not cheat are either impotent, have realized that sex is sex, it leads to time away from family and sometimes work, and reduces finances. Despite all these, asexual or demisexual men in American politics may still take a chance if it is convenient. I hope this will make men more truthful, women more understanding in their expectations in relationships, and stop us from living a lie.

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