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Aimiuwu, E. (2012). A Case of Bias in Teaching, Grading, and Plagiarism, Americas Conference on Information Systems Proceedings, Paper 4, 1-6.

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The target audience for this case study includes Ph.D. in Business students, who are taking classes related to instructional methods in business, or anyone who is teaching or preparing to teach a college course. It is particularly beneficial to readers who possess prior knowledge of various teaching methods, classroom incivilities, classroom management, and assessment and grading styles, as well as issues pertaining to plagiarism. In order to facilitate an active learning environment, an instructor must refrain from exhibiting the following behaviors: disrespect for students, bias in teaching, inconsistent grading styles, and unjust allegations of plagiarism.

Key Findings:

All students in a class should be given a fair chance to prove themselves and not be subjected to the teacher’s biases from previous experiences.

As long as a student is a registered member of a class and regardless of his race, gender, or academic status, a student’s assessment should be based on his performance in comparison to his classmates – not what the professor expects his performance to be.

When a professor gives a student negative feedback in front of other students, it is a form of class incivility and social undermining.

If other students in the class perceive that a professor is negatively evaluating a particular student without cause, it may not only lead to the rest of the class ostracizing that student, but it will negatively affect the active learning environment for all the students.

The purpose of evaluation, assessment, and feedback is to enhance learning for the student rather than to just give grades.

Use every opportunity to teach students how to avoid plagiarism and not see plagiarism as an opportunity to setup a dismissal panel against preconceived “unwanted” students.

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