Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity: Unpatriotic Americans
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
May 2007
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In the eyes of the sane world, America and Americans represents justice, fairness, and progress. Despite the fact that slavery and discrimination has tarnished its credibility, even God knows that America has tried to do everything possible to eliminate the fruits of these realities, but there is still room for improvements.

America is what it is today because of the free labor of the past slaves for centuries, and the current cheap labor of the immigrants. These systems allowed America to create wealth and gave little financial rewards in return, if any. It opened its shores to immigrants to give them better quality of life, education, employment skills, and for some, eventual citizenship. While acquiring all these generous benefits, the immigrant is supposed to provide cheap labor to boost the economy by helping to create wealth for the employers. While the immigrant guarantees wealth for the employers and thereby the economy, the nation does not guarantee citizenship during the same period, especially if they have broken some laws. This is the American system.

A patriotic and enlightened American of the 21 century understands and appreciates the value of immigrants to the American economic and political might. Aside from racism, progressive and civilized Americans should value the immigrants and the descendants of the slaves, and give them the respect and gratitude that they deserve. If this is the case, why do Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity of Fox News tend to be unpatriotic Americans, despite the fact that they support the troops in Iraq, favor Republicans, stand against illegal immigrants, and want to win the war against terror?

O’Reilly and Hannity are two Americans I know in the 21st century that stands against the justice, fairness, and progress of the multi-cultural nation called America. Despite the fact that I agree with them about 10% of the time, I watch their show to remind me about how far this nation needs to go to be a respectable world power that it should be. These are two men that daily want to convince some ignorant American public that immigrants are the reason why they do not have enough jobs. They also try to remind them that immigrants do not pay taxes, and are the foundations of crimes and terrorism in America. Just because they want to build a wall along the Mexican border and get rid of illegal immigrants does not mean that all immigrants must be demonized unfairly. Instead, they should have the courage to stand up to the Republican government they tend to speak for, and demand that American jobs stay in America. They should stand to allow illegal immigrants that have being enhancing our economy without lawlessness to become legal. This is what the progress of America is all about. Chasing away immigrants to keep left over jobs for Americans might be the limited Republican way, but not the great American way.

These men are also the most unjust News anchor I know of in recent times that enjoy treating the issues of the descendants of the slaves lightly. They are usually unfair and tend to support the unjust treatment of this people. It does not matter if the issue is police brutality and killings, condemning Black culture, or ridiculing of Black personalities. As far as I am concerned, the unjust war in Iraq was of greater importance than the victims of Katrina to them. Whenever the police kill a Black person, they tend to argue that the police was doing their job. When Black leaders march and try to draw the nation’s attention to American’s need to stand for justice and fairness, they belittle the situation as unnecessary. I wonder if they will ever present Black America with any respect. Could this also be why they are unconcerned about the genocide in Darfur?

I challenge these men to wake up from their slumber and stop dropping the ball. I demand that they be more responsible in doing their duties to make this country a greater place than it is. They have to have the courage to always speak the truth and demand more from their government, instead of throwing cheap punches at immigrants and devaluing the nation along racial lines. By the way, they also need to stop saying that Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction are in Syria or Jordan. Americans know that Saddam had nothing and they said so in the last election.

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