Black Agenda 2010
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
September 24, 2008
View Shop has spiritually established and is promoting an agenda in the physical that will take all African peoples to the top of the global economic and political pyramid. As side for the African Slavery and Holocaust Memorial taking place all over the world, especially in Atlanta and New York, on Sunday October 19, 2008 at 6:00PM local time, it have also set forth a Black agenda that should be in place by 2010 as long as the God of creation lives. This agenda was established to reverse the 3 bitter trends that captured all of Africa and the Black race after conquest, colonization, and slavery. These trends are the inability to continue our mass production, the inability to celebrate and enhance our talents, and inability to maintain our money intra-exchange. These are what crippled the African or Black economical power that has relegated us to mere global consumers and a people with self-doubt. What needs to be done by Black people to eradicate these 3 terrible trends are as follows:
Educate our athletes, entertainers, and politicians about the nature of money. In many places around the world, such as the Unites States, there were established laws for decades and even centuries that did not allow Blacks to vote, have a say, or make a legitimate living except as entertainers and athletes. Unconsciously, that has become the post-colonial mindset of the Black race as the only source of become financially successful, not education, research, or creative ability. The other and latest way of guaranteeing Black success, which has crippled Africa successfully, is becoming a political puppet for the support of European establishments in an attempt to empty the national treasury. Unfortunately, many of these Blacks are not the smartest, the brightest, or the most conscious, but they are the ones that have been chosen by the post-colonial system to be our symbols of success. What the Black race must do is to convince these people to multiply their money within Black hands, Black minds, and Black economies. Instead, they prefer to invest them in foreign products and services because of fears of losing the very money they really do not know how to replicate successfully after retirement. They must understand that money belongs to the one who grows it and not necessarily to the one who keeps it. The value of a dollar hidden under the bed may become 70 cents within a year. The dollar kept in Swiss bank may be doubled within a month, but all they give you is maybe 1% interest, which may still be below inflation level. The money you intentionally invest in people’s talents will always yield a profit and create jobs, but painfully, many of these chosen Blacks with money are not smart enough. So what are they to do to grow their money in Black hands?

Encourage our millionaires to celebrate and invest in our mental talents. Many post-colonial and financially successful Blacks, who do not know that they were intentionally favored to disorient their people, are very quick to question the value of education, skill, experience, and mental talents. They feel that they got to where they are without being smart or educated, and unconsciously follow the pre-determined script of encouraging Black children to choose greed and instant self-gratification over the knowledge of gradually enhancing all of our community through skill and mental capability. Black women are know to produce many basic requirements for our daily living in very small quantities, because they do not have the capital to mass-produce it. I have seem or heard of women who can make jam, jelly, butter, hair cream, body lotion, soap, barbecue sauce, cakes, pies, perfumes, scents, incense, clothes, medicinal cleanser, etc in their homes. I have heard of Black men who make fermented drinks from plantain, grow any crop, and raise any kind of animal successfully in their yards, but do not have the capital to mass-produce it for societal consumption. Money and satisfaction are the biggest incentive for maximum production. These Blacks are already doing what they love; all they now need is the money, which the Black millionaires already have. For instance, if these Blacks with money come together to give Blacks with unique talent and interest an annual contract of $100,000 salary to mass-produce a guaranteed packaged product of one million, these talented people will go out of their way to make it happen even about the quality in your department stores. Each of the million products will be bought from the producer for a dollar and to be sold for $10, just as an example. Now the producer has $100,000 as annual salary, one million dollars ($1 per product bought) to rent a place (small factory), hire, train, and certify the workers. The Black Millionaire Club (BMC) now have 10 million dollars ($10 per product sold). What then must the BMC do with this money?

Strategically build warehouses and distributions centers in major cities around the world. These warehouses and distribution centers are supposed to be the hub of all Black produced products and their distribution. The function of these warehouses is to monitor quality of products and their delivery, receive orders and purchases, guarantee availability and delivery of products within days, and to make contracts with producers and distributors. The warehouse should be able to receive orders by phone, credit card, checks, or online payment. So the $10 sale per product made by the BMC can be broken down into $1 for purchase from producer, $2 to maintain warehouse staff and office suppliers, $3 to maintain and own the warehouse, $2 to contact Black distributors, and BMC makes $2 profit hypothetically. So the BMC makes about a profit of 2 million from just one product, and every other product in the warehouse will use the same staff, distributors, and same building. So for every other product, the BMC will be generating about 9 million ($10 per product sale minus $1 for producer) away from Swiss bank and creating jobs for Black people. Now, we would have well paid Black producers, Black distributors to take products to the warehouse from the producer and to deliver to customers, and Black consumers who now depend on Black mass-production across the world. Black people in America spend $900 billion a year, but with non-Black producers. Statistics show that Asians keep a dollar in Asian hands for over a month, Whites do the same in about a month, Hispanics keep their dollar a little over a week, but Blacks give their dollar away to another race in about 20 seconds because we do not produce anything for mass consumption. So what is the purpose of this Black agenda 2010 and why are we helping the BMC make more money off us? Is it not better to just stay the way we are so that no Black is extremely richer than another Black?

The purpose of the Black Agenda 2010 is to eradicate the 3 post- colonial trends and replaces them with these 3 godly and divine expectations for all Black peoples. They are:

To bring the Black families together through economic productivity: Black people kill, fight, and hate each other because of our current culture of lack and scarcity, which is due to slavery and colonization. It is true that blood should be thicker than water, but that is only when there is enough for all to share and preserve. In times of scarcity, even identical triplets will fight and compete for food. If the demand of Black production goes up, the producers have no choice than to reply on their neighbors for assistance. When people come together to make money through their creativity and efforts, it encourages them to genuinely put their differences aside and look forward to the joy of their productive returns. Without collective production among us, they will most likely be jealousy, envy, and meanness. These are the fruits of segregation, apartheid, and racism – to create scarcity for the oppressed group.

To increase Black talents for prosperity at an earlier age: It is hopelessness and nothing to live for that leads our children to higher rates of crime, high school drop-out, teenage pregnancy, and incarcerations. Parents have to go to jobs they do not like for hours, and have no choice than to leave our children to the police, the streets, and TV to rise for us. Why can’t Blacks work from home doing what they like and have their children with them right after school hours? Why can’t Blacks retire at the age of 40 and spend the rest of their lives helping to raise their next generations collective while they watch their money grow? There is nothing wrong with nuclear families or entire neighborhoods doing a home based business producing products for Black people while their children are already certified in the trade by the age of 8. Education is not getting a degree in something and hoping that you will like it; instead, education should be getting a degree to enhance what you love doing already and you are already making a living from. A young Black child should go to college based on the producing trade he or she has mastered to become a better manager, producer, marketer, or teacher of that product or family business.

To increase our money intra-exchange: Money only stays with those that can multiply it. “Money intra-exchange” is actually the wealth of a community or a people. We can grow money and utilize it only if we learn to keep it long enough amongst ourselves. This was the purpose of slavery and segregation – to keep us out of the money loop and exchange. If we succeed in keeping our money in our circulation by having good quality Black products and services to patronize, this will increase the trust and respect we have for each other. When almost everything we eat, wear, use on our body, and put in our houses and offices are Black made, we will begin to take our culture, history, politics, and family seriously in order to protect, grow, and maintain our money. This will not only naturally challenge us to open our banks, credit cards, and financial centers, but will also force the African and Caribbean leaders to take their resources seriously. If African leaders are not going to control their resources for the benefit of their citizens, then the BMC through family and neighborhood production can challenge these leaders to keep the production lines flowing. Until Blacks start buying things elsewhere only because the BMC warehouses don’t deliver them, then the world will never say that it takes a years for a Black dollar to leave Black hands or Black economy.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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