Who is Barack Obama?
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
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It appears that Black peoples all over the world have a tendency to be dissatisfied with their leaders. They usually feel that their leaders are for themselves instead of their people or their nation. Many Africans feel that their leaders make policies that will make them friends to Europeans nations and not for the betterment of their nation or the continent.

Even in the USA where there is freedom and democracy, it still seems that many top Black leaders do not know the will or wish of their people. They seem to ignore or vote against the expectations and desire of many Black people. A lot of these leaders are either appointed or are voted in by the White majority, so they usually tend to be “Uncle Toms” or Whites in Black skins. Examples are Supreme Court Justice – Clarence Thomas, and Secretary of State – Condoleezza Rice.

The latest Black leader on the block is Barack Obama. He is the U.S. Senator from Illinois and he is highly admired by White America. He is admired to the extent that he is the rival to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic race for the President of the United States. A lot of Black Americans are glad that they have a Black face in the limelight again, but they really do not trust him. They feel he is a product of White America with a Black face who will forget them again after they help him get elected.

In as much as I want the best for Obama, I always wondered why he never came out to speak against police brutality of Blacks, like the police shootings of three unarmed Black men that happened in New York this December. Why did he not come out to speak against “Imminent Domain” and the government’s role in assisting the majority Black victims of hurricane Katrina? Could it be that he is for these issues and therefore an “Uncle Tom”? Could it be that if he speaks out he might lose his popularity with White America which he enjoys? Could it be that he does not even see these issues and therefore is disconnected from Black America? Could it be that he is playing it smart just to get elected and will later start speaking out? Or is he just the same old top Black political leader for the White establishment?

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