Boko Haram: A Nigerian Blessing in Disguise?
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
August 17, 2009
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I have always challenged my fellow Nigerian Christians to always think outside of the box when it comes to spiritual, social, political, and historical issues. I have always argued that Satan is the ugly side of God, which will be destroyed on the last day. If God made all things, where did Satan come from? If there is no death, what is the value of life? If God is all good, why did he make the tree of good and EVIL in the Garden of Eden? If God is all knowing, did HE not know man was going to fall and thereby choose the sinful nature? God and Satan work together for the benefit of mankind. The good side may bring love and joy while the ugly side may bring pain and discipline. It is the fear of Satan and evil that is meant to make us run to God and good.
Nigeria is a nation on the side of evil and is ruled mainly by evil. Despite our resources and intelligence, we are ruled by basically the illiterate Muslims. After almost 50 years of independence, we have been unable to create an effective electoral system, unable to create jobs for our citizens, allowing our daughters to become prostitutes abroad, and allowing our sons to be beheaded on a monthly basis in Islamic nations as criminals. Often, evil comes around, not necessary to kill, but to give us a chance to run towards progress, happiness, and a state of peace. Unfortunately for Nigeria, it citizens are cowards who like to pray lengthy prayers rather than to plan and take advantage of bringing God’s progressive goodness out of evil.

After Boko Haram declared war on Nigeria, the first thing that was done was to kill their leaders to prevent them from speaking. Nigerians fail to understand that it is the evil that God allows that is the foundation of progress. The Islamic/northern authorities and their agents thought that by killing the leaders, this evil can go on underground and carry out their plans in attacking southern Nigeria (South, East, and West) with guns that have been hidden in Mosques all over the country. The aim of Islamic Nigeria is to make Nigeria a completely Muslim nation using hunger and terror as a weapon. The Islamic aim of holding on to power and having most of the official appointments is to strangle the south (South, East, and West) into submission. This is why the south should never lead nor control its oil. Hunger as a weapon failed against the south, now it is time to try terror – full scale war.

Unfortunately for the Islamic spiritual leaders and Northern elders in Nigeria, the evil they created have grown out of their hands and have now become very confident. What should have been a secret Jihad in the name of the Arabic Allah on African soil by Africans (what an insult!!!) has now been taken to the world media. Boko Haram came out and stated publicly that they were going to attack the south until the south accept Islamic/Arab ways on African land, as if the killings and extinction of the North African tribes by Islam was not degrading enough to this day. They also took the time to proudly educate us on the fact that Boko Haram does not mean that Western Education is sin, but rather, it means that Western Civilization is forbidden. They then clearly emphasized that the Islamic culture was the most supreme and that they were going to enforce it in Nigeria. This was when I understood that God was secretly at work in Nigeria and that Nigeria was going to be a different country in a few months.

Many Muslims have been sending private e-mails to insult me for speaking the truth on Nigeriaworld. Some would declare that Islam is a peaceful religion and that the rioters are just fanatics. I then asked them where the African tribes of North Africa went and why North Africa is now Arab land. I made it clear to them that Islam only appears to become peaceful after conquest in order to control and administer the place. Some will say that I know nothing about Islam and that I should go study it. I then ask them why I should waste my time studying Islam when those that have Islam represent poverty, illiteracy, mismanagement, and oppression in Nigeria. Others would claim that they are Yoruba Muslims that are in support of the southern struggle of MEND and are very quick to instruct me to separate the good Muslims from the bad. I then ask them how I am supposed to know that there are good Muslims when the Sultan of Sokoto, the Caliphate and spiritual leader of the Nigerian Muslims, along with the good Muslims, if any, have NEVER come out publicly to punish or challenge their fellow northerners in authority to punish the bad Muslims even in Islamic fashion. The Sultan of Sokoto, all the northern Emirs, and the secret good Muslims (always hiding) are yet to publicly call the bad ones to order by maybe seizing their land, flogging them openly, making them wear a criminal sign for a month, or cutting the arms of those that killed even under Sharia law to deter any further Islamic riots in Nigeria.

Despite the apparent absence of good Muslims and irresponsible Islamic leadership in Nigeria in the presence of yearly murders, terrors, destruction of properties, and insecurities produced by Islam in Nigeria, I am beginning to see something good coming out of Boko Haram, but Nigeria must tackle the bull by the horn swiftly, strategically, and courageously. Since the Sultan of Sokoto, whose Arabic job description is to spread Islam peacefully or forcefully, can not really challenge Boko Haram for carrying out their Arab assignment, the Christian south will have no other choice than to assist the Sultan and the Emirs. Since Boko Haram have sworn to start a war this August in the south, then this is what the south must do to make Nigeria a nation of change this August:

1) The Christian leaders should quickly and secretly organize buses or vehicles to take hundreds or thousands of their followers to the cities in which the northern Emirs reside on the same day and time, about 6:00AM in the morning, and stand in front and around their palaces in total silence as an element of surprise.

2) They are to respectfully request the presence of each Emir to appear before them in the name of God. They are not to give up their position whatsoever and no matter what the police or army does. They are also to respectfully explain to the police that all they want is a press conference with the Emirs (organize the media too). They are to inform the media publicly that they are not leaving until either Boko Haram comes to kill them in front of their Emirs in the name of Islam or the Emirs requests Boko Haram’s present for a national dialogue right there at their palaces (instead of waiting to be attacked in the south).

3) If the Christians are still alive, whether Boko Haram comes or not, they should ask the Islamic spiritual leaders (Emirs) in their domain and on their throne in front of the media, the purpose of Islam economically and politically to Nigerians? Why Islam must be accepted through blood, death, and destruction? Why they have never punished their murderers and sinners publicly even with Sharia law to show their opposition of Islamic riots in Nigeria? What they have done since Boko Haram promised to attack the south to prevent it? And finally, if the Islamic/Arab culture is the most supreme, what are they doing as Nigerian spiritual leaders to make sure that the African cultures of Nigeria surpasses the Arab created Islam so that the Arabs can think that we are also superior? This must be done in an organized, respectful, and orderly manner that the Emirs will have to answer the questions one at a time.

If we can accomplish this, it will show that the south is fearless, can mobilize, can fight if and when necessary, and can challenge Islam at their spiritual headquarters any day and time. Islamic Nigeria is still in a mental state of Arab colonization and the purpose of this element of surprise is to make them think outside of their colonized box. They think the south are divided along ethnicity and can be turned against each other. Boko Haram should be used as a unified force to make us defend our children’s right to prosper and be given a fair share of their inheritance. If we succeed in making them think by bring their Arab battle to their domain, it will be a wake up call to make them realize that they can never defeat the south in anyway. Nigeria then will either be forced to become a fair and civilized nation afterwards, or we will have the courage to break up without firing a bullet.

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