Cambridge Police: Barack Obama and Blacks at Work - Corporate, Executive, & Tradition
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
July 25, 2009
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It has become a painful American tradition at work to see Black workers standup vehemently for Whites even when their actions are illegal. Many of these Blacks learn to acquire this behavior when it becomes obvious that it is the Black, who dislikes or pretends to dislike anything Black, that tends to keep a paycheck, fit the corporate culture, and get promoted. At most American work places, Many Blacks understand that to succeed at that job, they should not greet, speak to, or dine with another Black until he has been accepted into the corporate culture by the Whites, even if they are lower in rank.
I was not surprised to see two Black officers from the Cambridge police come out on CNN to stand for Sgt Crowley, even if he was totally wrong. This is what they must do to be in good terms with the Whites at American jobs. In many offices across America, you will notice that the White secretaries are even more comfortable and show more initiative than their Black executives, especially Black men. This is because Blacks are never allowed to be themselves at work. Many are forced to choose or pretend to have Republicans views, to be unconnected with Africa, to dislike been with Blacks, and to always stand for the White opinion, even if they believe otherwise. To many Black Americans, the necessity of keeping their paycheck surpasses their love for truth. Instead of standing up for what is right on behalf of the next generation of all Americans, they would rather choose to be accepted by the corporate culture that cares less about their existence.

Jesus once said that those who save their life will loss it, but those who lose their life for HIS sake will win it (Matthew 16:25). What Jesus meant was that those who stand for good on behalf of their nation and children will eventually be rewarded despite any temporary setbacks like being fired, demoted, or blackmailed. President Obama practiced this principle so well that he even gave up huge salaries and reputable jobs to become a mere community organizer, but today, he is the President. The effects of slavery and Jim Crow have conditioned Blacks to this day not to have the courage to act as one for their own good and the benefit of their children.

I stand with great admiration for President Obama for telling the truth to America, despite the fact that Professor Gates or Sgt Crowley may have been wrong. It was nice for the President to also call the officer and show America that the issue was about America’s cowardice in eliminating racism and the old slave American laws that justifies it from our courts and law enforcement. The Black policewoman that hugged Sgt Crowley and said she will not support President Obama again may only be trying to fit the “corporate culture” in 2009 work place in America.

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