Catholics and Africans
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Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

Beloved, what is wrong with the article content below, under the heading of Catholics Steer Delicate Course In Afrikaq?

Any Afrikan who do not see anything out of order with what is being suggested, that is going on in Afrika, concerning two of the three main religions in Afrika, is someone who do not give a Damn first about our Afrikan self and most certainly not about Afrika.
For the Afrikan to not see anything wrong with the oppressors religion, battling each other to see who get the main prize of the world, you

Afrikans, become a clear indication that ignorance in the regard of religion being the most potent weapon used to subdue and conquer a once vibrant Nation of Afrikan people, is in fact our Soul prison.

Here you have two dominant religions in the world, vying for the Soul (Mind-Thought ) of the Afrikan world and the Afrikan is willing participants, in this invasion to conquer their Soul and I am here to tell you my beloved, a conquered Soul by the White/Arab religion, is a Soul to not be resurrected ever again, having no pleasure to know of and respect the Theology of our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors and under the banner of such religions, belonging to those who have oppressed us into submission, the Afrikan world suffer perpetual pain, injustice and disrespect from the world in general.

Tell me beloved, when we go around with our chest out claiming to be the
root of all the world and there be no Human Being that trump the Carbon
being, known today as Afrikans, does it ever tickle your Afrikan mind to the
fact, the religions we Afrikans are reacting to and bowing down to, do not
begin to rivalry the Time of the Afrikan upon this planet and therefore this
present day religion is not what your Ancient Afrikan Ancestors ever
Why beloved, because the pushers of these lies about God was no where to be
found, in the circle of Civilization. So does it ever occur to you to stop being in such a hurry to get under the
oppressors umbrella of ignorance, when it come to their religion and their
God and Think with a reasonable questions concerning it, which require that
you be in control of your Mind, your question should be, where is the
Theology our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors conceived of and acknowledged, way
before this foolishness came along, now being preached about God?
A foolishness that has succeeded in conquering an entire Afrikan Nation and
have made us to become passive and docile, disobeying the first rule of God,

which is Self-preservation and by us being disobedient to the Law of God, a
once great Afrikan Nation lay prostrated in pain, disillusionment, fixated
on the religious fantasy of those who have a history of oppression the
Afrikan people which generate our our Meekness and it is all because we want
to go to Heaven and live with the Lord ( Law ) which implies that this
devilish white man will be in charge, even up there, wherever that is.

Come on Black Afrikan, desire to reclaim your Soul ( Thoughtful Mind ) and
come again to know, Life is for the body and it become our obligation to
live it as comfortable as was so designed for us to do.

Have you forgotten so quickly the True attributes of Life, which are Peace,

Joy, unabridged Health, abundance of Food, Freedom, Independence, walking
hand in hand with the the right to Free will and Choice?

Beloved, only a Fool and an Idiot, take delight in pain and suffering and
make no attempt to correct such a life condition.

Do you not know that Life is for the body and it begin and stop on this
planet and others wherever it be in the Universe?

Only perpetual existence dwell beyond the Universe, vibrating in a state of
Eternal Infinity, your Afrikan Ancient Ancestors knew such to be True and
set out to teach you as such and now, look at the Afrikan, now being made to
accept only what the oppressors of Afrikans present us with, in the term of
their religion, knowing full well that such false religion will forever keep
the Afrikan nation to continue on our way to an eternal death from this
world, never to enjoy the attributes of life again.

What a pity and a shame, of that which has happen to the people that handed
Civilization to this Worldly planet and now we suffer from the ignorance we

now willingly project and act out and the Afrikan and Afrika suffer because
of the foolishness we willingly submit to, without interrogation or rational
examination for the empirical reasonable facts of the matter, that now hold
the Afrikan Soul captive.

You Shall Know ( not believe ) the Truth and the Truth will bring
Enlightenment To your Soul, Black Afrikan!!!

It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

Honor, Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant, Political Revolutionary
National Chairman
Sankofa Repatriation Movement

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Catholics Steer Delicate Course in Africa

c The Associated Press

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) – Winding its way across Africa is an invisible
faultline between a mainly Muslim north and a majority Christian south.

Across this front, somewhere in the scrubland south of the Sahara desert,
tensions flare between increasingly strident Christian movements
aggressively working to convert people of other faiths and an Islamic world wary of
encroaching Western influences.

When the two worlds collide – a Muslim takes offense at a woman showing
too much skin or a shop selling alcohol, a Christian takes umbrage when a
thief’s hand is chopped off – entire villages can riot.

Africa’s billion people offer the largest field of potential converts
anywhere in the world, and the competition for souls is fiercest between
the continent’s two biggest religions – Catholicism and Islam.

“The Vatican recognizes that in sub-Saharan Africa you have the area
where Muslims and Christians are most likely to be confronting each other,”
says John Voll, director of the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at
Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

“It is a high priority to make sure that those Catholic interactions with Muslims don’t necessarily lead to open conflict.” But the ancient battle has exploded across an invisible frontier that separates not just religions but also cultures and major ethnic groups and ancient divisions between herders and settled farmers.

The 21-year civil war that recently ended in Sudan erupted when the Arab government imposed strict Islamic law opposed by blacks in the south, where more than 4 million Catholics make up 13 percent of the population. That war
is blamed for more than 2 million deaths.

Tens of thousand of others have been killed across religious faultline in conflicts in Liberia, Ivory Coast and Nigeria, whose estimated 20 million Catholics are outnumbered on the continent only by Congo’s 28 million-plus adherents.

Nigeria: Living Room

British colonizers’ decision to rule northern Nigeria through Muslim
emirs while Irish Catholic missionaries proselytized in the south has produced
a nation where tribal divisions are transcended only by religion.

Riots erupted in 2000 when mainly Muslim northern states instituted
Islamic law, including punishments of amputation and death by stoning.

In 2002, more than 200 people died in Christian-Muslim riots triggered by

opposition to holding the Miss World competition in Nigeria. This month,
Nigerian newspapers have been full of reports that Islamic leaders are
preparing a violent jihad, which they deny. Islamic leaders, meanwhile, complain
Muslims are being marginalized under a southern Christian president who ended 20
years of northern rule.

Pope John Paul II chose Nigeria’s most powerful cleric, Cardinal Francis
Arinze, to lead the church’s rapprochement with other religions at a time
when fundamentalist Islamic and Protestant sects replaced communism as the
biggest challenge to Catholic proselytizing.

Arinze, whom some consider a top contender for pope, took the route of
stressing Islam and Catholicism’s common fight against sexual
permissiveness and contraception.

“Authentic dialogue demands that Muslims and Christians accept one
another with all their similarities and differences,” he told students at Roman
Catholic Georgetown University in Washington D.C. in 1993.

He added: “Muslim-Christian relations are challenged and obstructed by
religious fanaticism or extremism.”

More extreme forms of Christianity and Islam are gaining strength in
Africa, raising the risk of more confrontation, especially as the two sides
compete for converts from each other’s camps as the ranks of followers of
traditional animist religions shrink.

The Rev. Matthew Hassan Kukah, an influential Nigerian Catholic priest,
reserves his most trenchant criticism for evangelical Christians rather
than Muslims, saying they are promoting a materialist view of Christianity and
stoking tensions by behaving “as if they were out to convert everyone.”

Muslims have rioted when evangelical churches hold football-stadium

“There is too much aggressive evangelization,” says Latif Adegbite,
secretary-general of Nigeria’s National Supreme Council for Islamic

But Islam is also on the march, and today the religious faultline on the
continent is shifting south.

“The Catholic Church has become aware that Islam has become a serious
alternative” in Central and well as West Africa, said Voll. To face
competition from Islam, he says, the church will need to “reconstruct itself as a
refuge for people in times of social crisis.”

The Catholic Church failed that test recently during the genocide in
Rwanda, where some churches that offered sanctuary were turned into
slaughterhouses and some Catholic priests actively participated in the killings.

John Paul II refused to apologize, saying the church could not be blamed
for the actions of individual priests.

Islam offers a route more compatible with African tradition, especially
by allowing polygamy. Some Catholic Africans marry their first wife in the
church, then take second wives in traditional ceremonies.

Associated Press writers Michelle Faul in Dakar, Senegal, and Rodrique
Ngowi in Nairobi, Kenya, contributed to this story.

04/18/05 02:57 EDT

Copyright 2004 The Associated Press.

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