CNN and the Noose - Justice, America, & Freedom
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Nov 2007
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I would like to use this opportunity to thank CNN for their bold and courageous documentary on the Noose. It did not only show that CNN is the true news channel, but it also embodies the true American spirit in the global community in reporting almost any issue no matter how unpopular. Unlike, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity of Fox News, CNN acknowledges the plight of the low income and minorities, and address issues in an attempt to make America fairer and more equal.

CNN’s documentary made it clear to all who could reason that the noose was not just a prank that Justice Department, District Attorneys, and the entire American legal system could ignore, but it was clearly a symbol of evil – America’s dark past. The noose never represented justice like one man claimed in the documentary; it represented death, hatred, hindrance, separation, and fear. The justice systems used the noose to hang convicted criminals of grave crimes not only to put them to death and separate them from society permanently, but it was also to show the society’s hatred for such activities and to possibly hinder others from following by instilling the fear of a painful end. It was ultimately a symbol of prevention and stagnation.

This was very evident in the documentary, which showed that majority of White Americans used the noose on victims, who were mainly Blacks, for crimes that were never committed. Many Blacks were hanged because Whites claimed that they looked at a white woman, they raped a white woman, they stepped out of their place for economic or political relevance, they wanted equal and fair treatment, or simply that they were not subservient enough in their behavior. This they did to prevent Blacks from being recognized by the American law as humans and therefore equal. The noose was meant to hinder Blacks from prosperity and keep them in a stagnated level of remaining a free or cheap labor force for the White American economy.

The noose of Jena was meant to remind the Black students that this was an “only White tree” and should not strive for any form of equality no matter how small. The noose hung on a court house in St. Louis was to remind Black Sheriff Deputies that they maybe boss, but legally they are still Blacks in America. The noose on the Black professor’s door at Columbia University was to tell her that Black PhD meant nothing on American soil. This is shamefully true because they is nothing in the Federal law of the United States that makes a noose and all other forms and symbols of America’s dark racial past a hate crime. In fact, we still have slave and anti-civil rights laws still referenced and quoted in our city, county, state, and federal courts all over the land of freedom and democracy. In the State of Georgia, It is not only still illegal for a Black man to date or marry a White woman, but it is still punishable by law for him to look at her. In American, laws are not removed; new laws are made to counteract each of them. All that is required is for a racist to take the situation before the Judge in a Georgian court.

Uneasy is the head that wears the crown and there is no smoke without fire. The noose is a smoke, but the fire that fuels the smoke is the Federal Government and the federal law that has turned a blind eye in failing to call the noose and other symbol of hate what it is – a hate crime. We have addressed the smoke, but the fire must be extinguished to prevent further smoke. American must not only renew or eliminate its slave or anti-civil rights laws, but must also stamp out all symbols, words, and signs of hate towards race, gender, sexual preference, and religion. CNN has taken it upon itself to be a news leader in fairness, justice, and equality, but we also challenge it to be more proactive with its news as it wears the crown. It should not wait for nooses to be hung before address the issue; sometimes, it should make the news for the people and take it to the people. It is our collective duty as Americans to make our Federal Government live up to the American creed of justices and freedom for all under the law for all American people.

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