CNN's Blacks in America 2: How To Overcome Obstacles - Unemployment, Discrimination, & Mentoring
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
July 24, 2009
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Soledad O’Brien’s Black in America 2 on CNN was much more dignified and goal oriented than the first one. I felt that her goal in the second episode was to inform Black America on what it needed to do to rise above any obstacle to succeed. The eight points in the documentary were:

First, it showed that to be truly free is to be diverse, educated, and informed. Many blacks due to the effects of slavery stay in their locality under the umbrella of poverty and illiteracy without challenging the mental walls that keeps them separated from their ancestry and the ability to be a giver. Low-income kids went to Africa to understand a different way of life and to make a pledge to be a giver. This is the spiritual journey every Black American must make to bring out the spirit of giving.

Second, it is clear that boys need their fathers more than anything, and women must take the responsibility of choosing who they reproduce with seriously. The girls who came back from Africa increased their grades and abilities tremendously after 6 months, while the fatherless boys made no progress whatsoever.

Third, Mr. Steve Perry of Capital Prep School showed us that care and mentoring is supreme. You must practice what you become. By putting kids to learn in college environs makes them want to be there.

Fourth, the affluent Blacks gladly separate themselves from the rest of the Black society. While many Blacks complain about unemployment and discrimination at work, what are these rich Blacks doing about it? Where are their companies that should be keeping many Blacks comfortably employed away from racism? Thanks to John Rice of Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) for preparing our youths for the Fortune 500 Companies. Rice said that it is not racism keeping Blacks down, but rather, the lack of affluent Blacks showing them the opportunities.

Fifth, Black women tend to be proud of their single motherhood status and have no shame about their out of wedlock kids, but the program clearly shows us that this is what is damaging the Black family. We now have a Black generation not knowing the advantages of two parent homes, so they grow up not know how to be effective parents and spouses.

Sixth, Jobs must be available to all that have done the time for their crime. They should be able to vote, work, and have all their rights back. This cripples the Black community because many of the men can not return to be good fathers with little or no pay. This is a systematic trap to return to prison.

Seventh, good education, love for each other, and mentorship usually results to people thinking about good health and longevity in order to enjoy what they have.

Lastly, like Tyler Perry and, Black America is bound to rise mightily as long as we see failure, lack, oppression, poverty, and struggle as a foundation for guaranteed success through hard work and persistence.

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