Creation and Evolution: Bible, Science, Biology, & Ecology
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
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Gone are the days when scientists were butchered or persecuted for having a view that was contrary to that of the church. As a Christian, I thank God for the development and persistence of science in making our world a better and more understanding place to live in. Science to me, does not only try to make an educated attempt to explain why things are the way they are, it also brings me closer to God. I honestly believe that open-minded science that is not politicized can achieve a lot in bringing world peace, because it helps to clarify the way things are and the way things should be.

In creation (Gen 1), God created everything from the heavens (solar system), to the sun, gathering of water, the land, and all creatures. Each creation was a day apart from the other. We do not know if the right translations from the old languages was actually a day or a million years, but I am convinced that it was a long period of time. The creation of God also follows the laws of succession in Biology or Ecology. To have a natural wild life, you must first have water, then vegetation, then creatures that feed on the vegetation, and then creatures that feed on other creatures. Creation even does a better job by going above the call of duty to explain how the global wide life originated. The foundations of existence (heavens and earth) were first created, then solar energy (sun light), then gathering of the waters for land to appear, then vegetation on the land that needs light to produce, then water creatures and birds that feed on water creatures and fruits, and lastly, land creatures that feed on each other and almost everything else.

Evolution does not really disagree with this, except for its view that one creature evolved or originated from another, and that a “big bang” took place to set existence in motion instead of God. This is a very honorable view from science that should be respected. It is true that a lot of creatures where made in one day and that others came some days later, but how long was “a day” in our human years? Do creatures just appear in a matter of a second or are creatures a process? For instance, a boy says to himself in high school that his eldest son will inherit his business, which he was starting the next year. Now, keep in mind that no decision in the mind or spirit materializes until force in exerted on the decision physically. That boy must first go find a wife or in some cases a woman, have children of which maybe the third one is the eldest son, watch him go through grade school and college, teach him the business, and watch him take over the business at maybe 35 years of age. Can we call this creation or evolution?

The boy created his son and the business in the mind or spirit before they existed. The energy and time he used to making sure that his creation materialized was the evolution of his creation. The happiness, sadness, successes and failures they went through in 35 years to see the creation fulfilled must have reshaped and redefined how the created idea was accomplished. There is no exerted force without the one exerting it to accomplish something. Nothing is wasted on the planet and in the solar system. To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that every action or energy goes into creating something even if the result is invincible to the human eye. So for the sun, oceans, heavens, creatures, stars, and land to exist and move into their places, there obviously must be a collection of forces called the “big bang”. Just like nothing physical materializes with force without first deciding on it, so is the fact that nothing physical exists without the force creating and displacing some chemical reactions within our space.

When God said that the creatures of the land should appear, it could have taken a millions years for them to become what they are today, at least those that survived and remained the same. How many of us are the way we were when we were toddlers in just 30 years. Some have lost their hair; others have gotten darker, once the tallest in the class is now one of the shortest, and some of us have done all kinds of surgery to cure different illnesses. Creatures created within a day, a period, or a million years could have been created individually to reproduce their own kind. It could also be that only a few existed to reproduce the rest within the same period, or even some of other periods. Nobody knows for sure because we were not there.

It is obvious that God and nature are a system of efficient and effective multiplication. Just as a seed bring forth a thousand of different characteristics, so does the sins and blessing of a man goes for many generations of different marriages. Creation and evolution should not be a political issue or a money making ideology for the church, government, and educators. It should be a learning requirement for all peoples, and for us to have a better understanding of our world and of each other.

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