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Ezra 6:

Darius, king of Persia, then searched the achieves and found the decree of Cyrus that ordered Judah to build God’s temple and also provided provisions for it.  Darius then ordered that the building of the temple should continue, that the governor should see to it that the project is supported by the royal fund, and that the king as well as the royal family should be prayed forLastly, he ordered that anyone who goes against his order will be put to death.  Then temple was then built, dedicated, and they celebrated the Passover.  When you are determined to succeed, even your opposition will come help finish your jobIt was the governor and those who wrote to the king that the temple should not be built that were now put in charge by the same king to make sure that the temple was complete and that there was no lack in what was needed to complete it.

Ezra 7:

In the reign of Artaxerxes of Persia, Ezra, descendant of Aaron (Moses’ brother) and experts in the laws of Moses, decided to leave Babylon for Jerusalem to study and teach the law.  On his way, the king gave him a letter stating that he and others were free to return to Jerusalem with all the treasure of valuable stones needed to rebuild God’s temple and money to buy all the animals needed for offeringsWhatever Ezra, the priests, and Levite wanted was to be provided and they were also to be exempt from taxesSo Ezra was chosen by the king of Persia to lead the people out of slavery into Jerusalem.  Africans and Blacks will overcome economic and political colonization and slavery in our lifetime.  A system will arise soon (by 2040), that will make Europe and Arabia give back triple of what they have taken out of Africa.  With this regular tribute and reparations, Africa will lead the nations back to God.  Always pray for and support a new systems of things to change the current order because in a few decade, whatever was taken will be given back three folds in God’s Holy Name.

Ezra 6:

List of those that returned with Ezra to Jerusalem from Babylon.

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