Daily Bible Chapters | April 17 | Nehemiah 8 | Nehemiah 9 | Nehemiah 10 What Does the Bible say about Church Getting Only a Tithe of the Tithe?
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Nehemiah 8:

Ezra, the priest and scribe, brought out the book of Moses’ law and read it aloud to the people.  Nehemiah, Ezra, and the Levites then told the people on the 1st day of the 7th month that it was a holy day to God.  The people were not allowed to weep or mourn.  They were all supposed to eat, drink, merry, and share with those that had none to eat.  On the second day, it was recommended by the Law of Moses that they celebrate the events of the 7th month while living in booths.  It is good to follow instructions.  Try to study the owners manual before assembling anything.

Nehemiah 9:

On the 24th day of the 7th month, the people came out to hear God’s word for a quarter of the day and the other quarter, they confessed their sin with earth on their heads.  They separated themselves from all foreigners and dedicated themselves to their God.  Then then heard how God had been great and merciful towards them.  How God brought them out of Egypt as slaves, how they turned their backs to God many times, and how God brought them to were they are today.  In all things, always give God thanks regardless of how sad you may be.

Nehemiah 10:

Nehemiah, the governor, was among those that sealed the covenant.  The people where obligated under the law to separate themselves from other nations and not exchange their children in marriage with other nations.  They were not to buy or sell on the 7th day and in the 7th year forgo all debt and crops (Both land and finances renewed themselves).  The people where also to give donations to maintain God’s house and the Levites and Priest (son of Aaron) must collect the tithe of the tithe for the upkeep of the Temple and the workers of GodSo Tithing was actually tax from all the people for the land and only a tenth of the tithe belonged to God’s templeSo 90% of the tithe (tax) was for the maintenance of the country and only 10% of the tax was for God’s templeThe 10% for God’s temple was meant to care for the church and all the workers of the church because they were not supposed to have another job.

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