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Nehemiah 11:

Jerusalem was the capital of Judah, so the leaders of the people lived there and they cast lots among the people to see the 10% that would move into Jerusalem to live.  Some volunteered, many stayed on their land outside of Jerusalem, but they made sure that the descendant of Judah and Benjamin moved into Jerusalem (I guess the majority because they were actually the people of Judah.  Sometimes the tribe of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) would live among them and go to war with them).  The descendants of the priests, the Levites, children of Solomon’s servants, and gatekeepers moved into Jerusalem.  A division of the Levites was assigned to Benjamin in Judah.  In all things, know your history, plan, and be organized.  A man that does not know who he is and where he is coming from, most likely does not know where he is going or have no place to go.

Nehemiah 12:

Some of the priest and Levites that were present are Zarubbabel, Ezra, Jeshua, and Jeremiah.  They called all the Levites with the singers to come to Jerusalem to dedicate the walls with songs and praises (All priests are from the Levi family, but not all Levites are priests (only descendants of Aaron)). They had a service at the temple and the priest, Levites, singers, and gatekeepers were given their daily rations (salary)Thank God for everything you have and always be fair to your fellow manAlways give to people what they deserve and not keep extra for yourself

Nehemiah 13:

They read in the Law of Moses that no Ammonite or Moabite should be in the assembly of God because they had hired Balaam to curse them, so Judah separated themselves from the foreigners.  Soon, Nehemiah went to Artaxerxes, king of Babylon in Persia in his 32nd year as king, and when he returned he found that Elishaib, the priest, have used the chamber of God to prepare a feast for Tobiah (the governor or high ranked member) and had not paid the singers and the priestsSo the singers and the priest left the temple to go work the land in their hometowns instead of working only for God.  This made Nehemiah angry when he returned because the house of God was forsaken, so he fixed the problem.  Nehemiah also stopped the buying and selling on a Sabbath, marriage to foreign women because of how they made King Solomon fall despite his greatness, and made the children speak the language of Judah rather than just the language of their foreign parent.  Nehemiah did all these because he wanted God to reward him.  A great leader is the one that leads his people because of the fear of God.  He wants his people to progress and excel.  This includes doing what is morally right and making sure that their children understand and appreciate the culture God has given them. 

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