Daily Bible Chapters | April 19 | Esther 1 | Esther 2 | Esther 3 What Does the Bible say about Wise Woman being Better than a Tough Woman?
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Esther 1:

King Ahasuerus ruled from Ethiopia to India (Persian and Media) and his capital was Susa (Iran).  He had a great feast for all his officers and nobles in his 3rd year as king to display his wealth and splendor, and Queen Vashti did the same for the womenfolk in the palace.  He soon requested the presence of his queen because he wanted to show off her beauty to all, but she refused to show up.  The king then asked his wise men what the law demanded for her disobedience.  They advised that she should be replaced by another women that was better than her to be the queenThis is because what she did was not just an insult to the king, but also to all the nobles, officers, and people.  So the king gave the degree that all men, low or high, be the master of their household and women must give their husbands honor.  This is a standard rule in almost every culture and civilization that has been recorded or was a world power.  It is not a sexist, but a spiritual law.  Even the holy scriptures requested this.  A woman’s disobedience to her husband or man, or her believe that she does not need to be married to a man because she has money and degrees, is not just a curse unto God, but also to herself, her community, and her nation.

Esther 2:

King Ahasuerus was advised to get the best looking women in the land and be brought to Susa, the capital.  They were to be feed and given cosmetics, and the one that favored the king most will replace Vashti as queen.  Now, Mordecai, the Benjaminite (greatest tribe of Israel according to me since they left Egypt as slaves), was among the slaves taken by Nebuchadnezzar to Babylon and was a cousin to a very beautiful lady called Esther (Hadassah was her real Judah name).  Mordecai adopted Esther as his own because she was an orphan from a very young age and she was also among the pretty girls chosen to compete to become queen in the palace. Mordecai instructed her not to disclose her heritageAt this time in world history, Esther must have been African because women from Ethiopia, Judah, and southern India were black skinned and it was the children of Ethiopia/Sudan (Cush) in Genesis 10:7-10 that built Babylon (Babel)So they could not differentiate Esther (from Judah) from the Ethiopians and Persians women competing to be queen.  Within a year, the king loved Esther so much that he placed the queen’s crown on her head.  Soon two men wanted to assassinate the king and Mordecai knew of it because he worked at the king’s gate.  He informed Esther, who told the king, and the two men were executed after investigation.  A woman’s power of obedience, grace, and femininity is more superior than a man’s intellect, gook looks, and hard wordA woman’s strength does not lie in her money, degree, or trying to be like a man, but rather in her obedience, grace, and femininityEsther, a slave girl, became queen of all of Persia empire because of her obedience, grace, and femininity within 12 monthsIntelligence, hard work, and honesty usually does not move that fast.

Esther 3:

King Ahasuerus promoted Haman to second in command and commanded that he should be bowed to.  Each time Haman would pass the gate, Mordecai refused to bow because it was his Jewish tradition to bow only to GodSo Haman was informed about it and he decided to destroy all the Jews within the kingdomSo Haman went to the king to convince him that the Jews must be destroyed because their ways were different from the ways of others within the kingdom, they do not respect the king, others did not like them, and they were not profitable to the kingHe also requested a salary for those going to do the job and the king agreed.  On the 13th day of the first month, Haman sent an order to gather and kill all the Jews by the 13th day of the twelfth month regardless of age and gender. So all the Jews were give one year to live because Mordecai followed his tradition.  Should we put our traditions and God’s traditions before the law of the land?  If the law at work is against God’s will, do we disobey at work or just quit?  Always do what is right and pay the penaltyYou will always find a way to survive, but never dishonor yourself and God.

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