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2 Chronicles 6:

Is the Ark of God a form of idol made by human hands for worship? Even if we say it represents God on earth, is that not the same as idol worship? What about the burnt offerings on altars in celebration of the Ark, is it different from Olokun, Shango, and Ogun? King Solomon said to the people that God (the Ark) wanted to live in darkness in tents, but a precious temple had being built for God (the Ark) to stay in. He said that God never asked for any land or inheritance to call his own since God brought them out of Egypt, but now God (the Ark) reside in Jerusalem, the city of David. It was God who chose Jerusalem as his place, chose David as the king, and chose Solomon as the builder of God’s temple. So what separates God from other gods is not the man-made representation of a deity or the form of worship and sacrifices. What distinguished God is that he is supreme because of the fact that he is the creator, he chooses, makes decisions, fulfills promises, guarantees what will be, is slow to anger, also cares for non-members, and forgives, unlike other deities. Solomon then stood up before God’s altar and prayed that whatever problem Israel or even a foreigner may have that God should answer them as long as they repent and come or pray towards the temple that bears God’s name.

2 Chronicles 7

As soon as Solomon finished praying, God came down as fire and consumed all the offerings. It was to the extent that the entire temple was filled with God’s glory and all the people bowed to the ground to worship God. After Solomon had finished building God’s temple and his palace, God appeared to him a second time (the only man ever visited by God twice) and God promised to always answer the prayers of the people as long as they humble themselves, pray, and turn away from wickedness. If they turn aside from God, then God will not listen to them and will punish them. You can make your own requests to God and he answers.

2 Chronicles 8:

It took Solomon 20 years to build God’s temple and his palace. Then he rebuilt the cities that Hiram, king of Tyre gave him. He fortified all his cities and built storage places in them. Solomon also turned the foreigners in the land that were not destroyed by Israel into workers, but the Israelites were soldiers, officers, commanders of chariots, and horsemen. A successful nation has its citizens as managers and business owners, while it attracts foreigners to do the dirty jobs. Are African-Americans treated like foreigners or immigrants in America? If so, then God stands against such discrimination and high levels of unemployment of Black Americans.

2 Chronicles 9:

The great Queen Sheba of Ethiopia (Cush) came to Jerusalem to actually test and see Solomon. It was actually a great queen visiting a small but very wise king on a global scale of things at the time. She was quite impressed with the wisdom, organization, and dressing of Solomon as well as all his people and workers. She praised him and blessed God for making him king. Solomon gave her all the gifts she could carry back to her country. Many kings and ruler brought all kinds of gold, precious stones, ivory, apes, and peacock as gifts just to hear the wisdom of Solomon that God put in his mind. Solomon ruled Israel 40 years and died. His son, Rehoboam, ruled in his place.

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