Daily Bible Chapters | April 20 | Esther 4 | Esther 5 | Esther 6 What Does the Bible say about Standing Up for Morality being Better than a Paycheck?
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Esther 4:

When Mordecai saw what had happened and the pain of the Jews, he cried and wore sackcloth for mourning. Esther was also very depressed when she heard what Haman was doing to the Jews. Esther then sent her servant to Mordecai to see the full magnitude of the situation and Mordecai gave her the written degree from Susa for the destruction of the Jews.  He also told her of the amount of money the king would receive from it.  So human life has economic value to an oppressor in form of employed labor, free slave labor, or sized property.  Mordecai then informed Esther to help her people as queen. Esther could not enter the presence of the king unless he requested her presence.  Anyone who broken that rule was put to death.  Mordecai then told her that it was not a time to be quiet, but a time to act.  If she kept quiet, her household will perish, but help will come from elsewhere for the Jews. In order words, a solution always comes from somewhere, but those with power but fail to represent their people always perish. So the Jews fasted as Esther planned to go see the king.  For racism to die in America, Blacks in power must speak more rather than keep quiet just to have a paycheck or contractGod placed you there to make life better for others.  To put money before human needs is to worship money as a god � capitalism.

Esther 5:

Esther wore her royal attire and went into the inner courts of the palace.  The king soon requested her presence and she requested that the king and Haman come to her place for a banquet.  After the feast, she requested that they came to a second feast the next day and she would do anything for the king.  Haman went home and was unhappy that Mordecai, a Jew, was still alive and working at the king�s gateHaman and his wife hosted some friends and he boasted about how great he was, how much he had acquired and prospered, but it was all meaningless as long as Mordecai was alive because he did not pay reference to Haman.  His guest then advised him to make high gallows and have Mordecai hang on it the next day.

Esther 6:

That night, the king could not sleep.  So he requested the book of memorable deeds to know the great things that people had doneIt was then he learned about how Mordecai saved his life when two servants were planning the king�s assassination. As soon as Haman came into the palace to request the hanging of Mordecai, the king then asked Haman what should be done to a man the king favors.  Thinking that it was him, Haman recommended that the person should be given clothes from the king, ride on the king�s horses across town, place a crown on his head, and people shouting praises to him. The king then gave Haman the responsibility of doing everything Haman had recommended for Mordecai (Haman�s enemy). Haman then went home in embarrassment and told his wife and friends what had happened.  They then told him that if the king is glorifying Mordecai from a race he is trying to destroy, then they would destroy him.  Just then, Esther servants came to pick Haman up for the Esther�s feast.  All those who plan your downfall because of your race, gender, tribe, or ethnicity at work, socially, economically, or politically will be made to celebrate you publicly.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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