Daily Bible Chapters | April 21 | Esther 7 | Esther 8 | Esther 9 What Does the Bible say about Freedom being the Ability to Defend Self?
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Esther 7:

At the second feast that Esther organized for the king and Haman, the king wanted Esther to make a request and she requested that the king spare her life and that of her people. She insisted that she would have been silent if her people were to be enslaved, but she had to speak up because of their attempted annihilation.  The king then demanded to know who was behind all this and Esther was pleased to inform him that it was Haman.  The king was furious and had Haman hanged on the very gallows Haman had prepared for Mordecai in his own house. May God bless us like Mordecai.  Every person that plans against us because of the uniqueness of our race, culture, tribe, or ethnicity MUST fall into the very hole he had dug for us.

Esther 8:

King Ahasuerus then gave Esther the house of Haman and gave Mordecai his signet ring that he once gave to Haman after he found out that he was Queen Esther�s senior cousin.  Esther then pleaded with the king to revoke the disaster that was to befall the Jew by Haman.  The king then gave permission to Esther and Mordecai to give a written order in the name of the king to reverse the destructive decree as they pleasedMay God give us the power and position to make laws in favor of our people rather than powerlessly turning the other cheek just to have a job or get a contract.  This was done and he added that the Jews had the right to fight and defend themselves against any force that was against them.  This means that they did not have to wait for an unjust police force to protect themThey were free to organize and defend themselves freelyMordecai, a man that once worked at the king�s gate, became a powerful man because he raised his orphan cousin to become queen, saved the king�s life, refused to reference another man out of fear, and loved the progress of his people. Africans must learn not to pay reference to no one regardless where they find themselves.  They are to work hard, serve God, and unite to fight against oppressive laws and peoples.

Esther 9:

The Jews rose up within the kingdom and struck down their enemies.  The other nations became scared of the Jews and Mordecai because they became great under King Ahasuerus and Queen Esther.  They even came up with a festival and feast to commemorate their survival and defeat of their enemies even on foreign soilNever be afraid or ashamed of your God given identity and God given right to justiceIt is God�s will for you to fight and defend you race and heritage by any means necessaryLiving in a foreign land, either as descendants of slaves or immigrant, should not be an excuse not to carry out God�s will of organizing to have a voice, fight your enemies, or turn the law in your favor.  Cursed is the man who focuses on money and promotion at the expense of his people (Uncle Tom).

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