Daily Bible Chapters | April 22 | Esther 10 | Job 1 | Job 2 What Does the Bible say about Satan Actually Working For God?
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Esther 10:

Mordecai was a great man.  He rose from a worker at the king’s gate to become the second in command to the king of Persia in the land of bondage.  Just as Joseph rose to become second in command to Pharaoh in Egypt, so shall it be with everyone who genuinely follows God in their family, health, children, work, business, as well as stand up for the welfare of their people.  We were born to lead even in foreign lands.  There is no reason why our nations cannot be great by electing people with vision rather than relatives or recycled politicians.

Job 1:

Job was a man blessed with children, animals, properties, and servants.  He lived to please God and was the greatest in the East, so God actually prospered him.  Soon, the children of God came to God to give reports and Satan was with them.  God asked Satan where he has been and Satan told God that he has been busy on the earth.  God then asked if Satan had tested Job, and Satan confessed that Job was fortified against him because God had prospered Job and has protected him from every side.  Satan then told God that there was nothing special about Job if God allowed him to take all that he had and without those things Job will curse GodGod then agreed that Satan could take whatever he wanted from Job, except his life.  Within a few moments, Satan killed all his children, animals, servants, and destroyed all his properties.  In all this, Job mourned and shaved his head.  He thanked God for everything because he came into the world naked and that is how he is going to leave it.  It was God who gave and now God has taken it all back.  What we can learn from Satan and Job is that everything good and bad comes from God, even Satan himselfJust give God thanks in good and bad times as long as you have life because God is totally in control of all things.

Job 2:

Another day, the children of God went to present themselves to God and Satan came along (a child of God also coming to give reports to the CEO – God).  God asked Satan where he had been and Satan gave reports on his activities on earth.  God then asked about Job and praised Job for his integrity, but Satan claimed that if his health and skin was affected as well, Job will forsake God.  God agreed, but Job’s life was to be spared.  So Satan has no power at allIt is God that tells him or allows what evil, where the evil takes place, who should get the evil, and when to do evilGod did not only send the angel of death during the time of King David to Judah, he can also allow or authorize the Devil or Satan to killWe fear Satan for nothingHe is just a messenger or an errand boy for GodGod is the one we should fear and respect because Satan reports to God.  So Satan gave Job sores from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet.  Job had to sit in ashes (I guess to kill the germs and prevent it from spreading) and scratched himself with broken pottery.  Job’s wife wanted him to curse God and die.  His three friends wept and sat on the ground with him a whole week.  Job’s reply was that if we enjoy and receive good from God, why not evil as wellThis is a Biblical testimony that everything Good and Evil comes from God.

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