Daily Bible Chapters | April 23 | Job 3 | Job 4 | Job 5 What Does the Bible say about Dealing with Depression and Hopelessness?
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Job 3:

Job cursed the day he was born and wished it total darkness and barrenness.  He prayed that day (his birthday) should receive no joy or happiness.  When people wish they were not born, it is a step towards suicide because they are in a state of hopelessnessHe wondered why he did not die at birth (miscarriage/still born), why his mother received and breast fed him, and why he even saw light (abortion)?  He believed that death was better than a man living in agony.  At least in death, he reasoned that even the slave and prisoners have rest from their taskmaster and all their problems.  It is okay to feel sad and hopeless because it is a part of life.  God will send or allow sad and bad times, but do not commit suicide or turn against God. God uses Satan and bad times to make us stronger and measure our faithfulness.

Job 4:

Eliphaz, Job’s friend, said that Job was a great man who helped many people, gave assistance to those who needed it, and  strengthened the weak.  Yet, see how God had forsaken a good manHe asked if God can be trusted.  He reasoned that if God can find fault with even angels, why not a creature of clay like Job.  Eliphaz even challenged Job about his commitment to God and his integrity to serve God, because it is obvious that despite his good deeds that God does not trust anyone.  The best times in a man life is when he is down and outIt is a period to recycle one’s self and redefine your destinyIt is a moment of looking inward for a “Plan B” to better yourself or re-strategize for a different and more promising opportunity.   It is also an opportunity for your so-called friends to come under the comfort of sympathizers to turn you away from your destiny by taking advantage of your vulnerability.  It is the time to know who your real friends are and plan properly for a brighter future.

Job 5:

“Good friend” Eliphaz added that Job should call to God and see if God will answer him now.  He was also interested in the God that Job will turn to next.  He appears to be teasing Job’s success with envy when he said that he has seen the fool build his home, but his home is cursed and the children of the fool die at the gate because there is no one to protect them.  He is basically laughing at Job and rejoicing at his problems because Job lost his children and properties.  Eliphaz claims that he is righteous and would always seek God for God’s greatness and blessing while implying that Job must have wronged God.  Eliphaz believed that when you are on God’s good side, God will deliver you, prosper you, you will have peace, and live to old age, unlike Job who has all these problems and has lost everythingEveryone at some point will have a low and high time with God, but only those who persevere to the end will be lifted high above evil and be awarded the prize of God.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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