Daily Bible Chapters | April 24 | Job 6 | Job 7 | Job 8 What Does the Bible say about Dealing with Rejection and Blame?
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Job 6:

Job replied that his problems are heavy and greater that the sands of the sea.  He wanted God to cut him off because it was hopeless staying alive.  He reasoned that it is against God’s will that friends will refuse to show kindness.  Job sees that his friends are ashamed of what has become of himThey are friends at good times, but mockers when things go bad.  He insisted that he never asked anything from his friends to make his life better. The least they can do for him is help to make things better.  What kind of people do you move with?  Those who will be there even in bad times or those who only want to enjoy the good times?

Job 7:

Job laments that a man’s life is like that of a slave, a laborer longing for a shadow (end of workday), and a hired hand longing for his pay.  He claims that his days are filled with emptiness and his skin is filled with worms as well as dirt.  Job sees nothing but loneliness and rejection from all who sees him.  He feels that death is a better option, but while he lives he will complain about all his troubles.  He wonders why God has forsaken him, have chosen his as a target, and if he has sinned, why has God not forgiven him.  We all go through this moments in life and feel that we are a curse or a disgrace, and ask why us?  It is a part of life.  It is how God operates with the use of Satan. In all this, praise God because Satan is just doing his work for God.  It is good to cry, feel the pain, and take the rejection from delay, but you must make sure you survive it with flying colors. 

Job 8:

Bildad, Job’s second friend, says that Job should stop talking stupidly and repent.  He reasoned that Job’s children must have died because they did wrong and that if Job repents, God will turn around in his favor.  He insists that Job has forgotten God and his life is like that of one without a protector.  Job did nothing wrong at all, but see all the punishment and lack God put him through.  We should not laugh and judge others when times are bad because it could simply be their trials from GodThere are times when we suffer for our misdeeds and sins, which is fair, but that is when we are to repent and act appropriatelyThe innocent, the blameless, and the righteous suffers too in God’s hands. God make the blameless stronger to overcome evil while he gives the sinful an option of repentance (Buy & read the book:  “Living with a peace of mind”).

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